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Texas AD Says SEC Has “A Sliver Of The East Side” Of Texas

While the SEC Meetings are taking place in Destin, Florida today, the Big 12 meetings are underway in Kansas City.  Asked about the possibility of the new SEC-Big 12 “Champions” Bowl taking place in Texas because the SEC now has a presence there, University of Texas AD DeLoss Dodds responded:


“They have a sliver of the east side.”



One must wonder if/when his own league adds Florida State to its roster of schools whether or not Dodds will say the Big 12 has gained “a sliver” of real estate on the Florida panhandle.


JB TexasEx
JB TexasEx

Another misconception the Aggies have is that everybody in the Big 12 hates UT and would love to get away from them.....if only they could.  Yeah, right.  As a matter of fact, UT is currently helping OU with their AAU application and was instrumental in assisting with their soon to be launched "Sooner TV" network.  


But, don't take my word for it.  Here's a thoughtful goodbye letter written by an Iowa State alum and fan.  It's a must-read.


JB TexasEx
JB TexasEx

I keep reading and hearing the same old, tired BS about "DeLoss Dodds and Texas run the Big 12".  I can assure you that isn't the case.  We have the same ONE vote as every other team in the league.  


I'll admit that the Aggie propaganda machine did a masterful job perpetuating this myth.  Of course, the lazy hacks in the media are all too ready to latch onto a "class envy" story .  It's sad, really.  But, what can you do?

JB TexasEx
JB TexasEx

Great Moments in Big 12 History: A&M Edition  


Conference Football Dominance  

In the 16completed seasons of Big 12 play Texas A&M has finished the season as one of the top three programs twice, both coming in the late 1990s. In fact, the Aggies average finish is a middling 6th place behind such powerhouse programs as Kansas State & Texas Tech. Over the course of 16 seasons Texas A&M isn’t even the SECOND best program in the state.  


Bowl Games  

The Aggies have played in a bowl game in a somewhat solid 11 of the last 16 seasons. However, that’s where the good feelings stop – for their trouble the fake militia owns only two bowl trophies. That’s right two, as in 2-9 in bowl games – both were "home games" in Houston - Bowl and last year's Texas Bowl. Just for reference, Iowa State and Kansas are next in line with three bowl wins a piece over the same time period, including an Orange Bowl victory by the Jayhawks in 2008. In fact Baylor is the only Big 12 program with fewer bowl victories than Texas A&M.



DeLoss put his eggs in the Longhorn Network. That failed miserably and cost him a stable Big12. But hey, at least he doesn't look like a tool in pictures...oh, wait..


The school in Austin has a great academic and athletic reputation, well deserved btw. A good number of reflective t-sips are aware of their market share and are determined not to let that slip in a very competitive environment (and who can blame them, you don't get to be the the most valuable college athletic brand by not being aggressive and protective of your turf). The only serious threat to an encroachment on their dominance in the economics of Texas state athletics (read that television rights and competition for the best recruits in the state) has been A&M's move to the SEC. Not sure why Dodds made the comment. I suspect it was just to end discussion with the questioner on the issue of how A&M's move (and the SEC's expanded recruiting opportunities in state) might affect that dominance. Dodds does not get paid to lose ground, and he has two embarrassing failures that he needs to brush under the rug for the moment. 1. The LHN has not only been a serious under performer in developing market share, his poor handling of the internal political struggle the planned network, caused a serious stability crisis in the Big 12 with the departure of two schools (crisis is fixed, but still not a good thing), 2. The Horns underperformed the last couple of seasons, and he is under the gun to get that fixed this year. Dodds does not believe for a second that A&M has a sliver of East Texas, he also knows that every team in the SEC now has an increased footprint in Texas, especially the West. That will, emphasize WILL, make recruiting harder for his athletic department. Bash A&M with silly little disses if you want, but its not just A&M he has to deal with, its the undefined (at this point) SEC footprint in the great state of Texas. What he knows is that undefined footprint will begin to become clearer soon. His job is to mitigate the short term impact of it. He won't be around for the long term impact.


Look, Dodds never imagined A&M would join the SEC.  It's his worst nightmare.  It kept him from taking the Okie twins and running west a year earlier.  Now, all he can do is make snide comments and bully the Big 12-2-2+1+1 into boycotting A&M.  This guy is total spin and personally did more than any other individual to take down the Big XII.  Within five years, the sips will be begging us to play them and working the legislature to force a game.  


See why we left? SO happy to be out of that dysfunctional conference. And make no mistake about it, Texass is why it is dysfunctional. That's mostly because of this clown.


Is this sliver greater or less than the sliver of Texas that can get the LHN?

JB TexasEx
JB TexasEx

 @OldArmy Recruiting is national in scope now, regardless of conference affiliation.  LSU and AR have been recruiting TX for years.  That hasn't changed.  Based on initial returns, A&M's move to the SEC should pay dividends.  It certainly gives you the SEC's brand to sell and that's a plus.  We'll see how long it takes to translate onto the field.


Do you think UT and the Big 12 would have let A&M move on if it were seriously detrimental to the conference?  Of course not.  We would've caved to your demands.  The fact is your administration, President Loftin in particular, attempted to use the SEC as leverage to extort $20mm from the Big 12 annually.  Collectively, we said "thanks, but no thanks".


You are correct about the LHN's distribution lagging thus far.  Was it a bad idea?  Time will tell.  Nobody in their right minds, including A&M, would have turned down a similar offer.  DeLoss, Powers and our administration did a great job negotiating the terms of that deal with ESPN.  It will be interesting to see if ESPN has an "out clause" if LHN proves to be unprofitable.  This year, no fewer than three UT games will be broadcast exclusively on LHN; WYO, NM and KU (probably).


I suspect that Dodds' flippant response about "sliver of East TX" was his curt way of blowing off the reporter.  I'm sure he doesn't want to answer any more questions about A&M during his tenure.  Why bother?

JB TexasEx
JB TexasEx

 @RAB83 Delusional, as always.


I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for "the sips" to beg Aggy for a game.  You've got it backwards.  Furthermore, aTm was blackballed by the Big 12 for the deceitful way you reneged on your commitment.  The only "spin" comes from the maroons in College Station.


 @JB TexasEx JB, I disagree with your assessment/interpretation about what that article is saying.   A&M didn't originally ask for the $20 it was OFFERED to the big 3 in an effort to keep Texas and OU from going to the PAC and A&M from bolting to the SEC.  Dan Beebe OFFERED that to keep the ship from sinking.  When it became apparent that his mouth wrote a check that his rear couldn't cash, OU and Texas let him off the hook (because due to TV revenue split rules in the Big 12 they were very likely to get their $20M regardless).  It appeared A&M was unlikely to get the promised $20M however.  Soo, the other 8 said they would chip in to help Beebe cover his promise.  If you want to see that as A&M demanding $20M then so be it.  


In addition, Texas started the LHN saying they would have 1 FB game per year on LHN.  Immediately after A&M decided not to leave for the SEC and agreed to Beebe's $20M and came back to the Big 12, Texas demanded 2 games.  This year it's up to three games.    It won't stop there either, and A&M knew it wouldn't so A&M decided to do what was best for them.  Just get over it already.  We're happy with our decision and there is no doubt is was the best decision for us.


Dodds is obviously worried about the implications of A&M being in the SEC and about the SEC schools having greater access to the state.  He took an innocent question about the possibility of holding the Big 12 vs SEC Champion Bowl in the state of Texas and he showed his fear by turning it into a weak (and non-factual) slight aimed at A&M.  I have to LOL.


 @JB TexasEx Agree with most of that, but I'm not in the blame it on the other school crowd. I've seen posts both ways, with 8 x 10 color glossies and powerpoint presentations to prove this point of view or that. Most are colored by partisan posturing. Bottom line, it was a corporate decision. Like most corporate decisions, it was based on expectations of market share, branding, etc. In the end, it was just the inability to come to terms. Happens all the time in the capitalist system. It was not personal. No one called the former students and exes and asked what they thought, so it isn't "the Aggies did this, and Texas did that." 365,000 living Ags, and maybe 13 got a vote. Same with Texas Exes.


College ball is corporate ball. tu has a program worth what, almost a billion? Big bucks. And I do not think the administration at tu cares one whit for the Big 12, other than it is a good vehicle to market their brand.  A healthy Big 12 is a plus. Not a criticism btw, tu is the biggest neutered bull in the pasture, and has been very successful in making sure that has been the case for decades. And Exes are not about to cheer on any admin that loses that standing, even for a short time. Ya'll as a group have expectations. Oklahoma and company have done a good job giving the steer fits every now and then, but your administration would be booted out by the Exes if they made decisions that actually leveled the playing field in the Big 12. Just my opinion, could be wrong, but don't think so.


As for all recruiting being national, I think that goes just so far. Conferences make a difference to a lot of players, and Alabama, LSU, Arkansas, et al are all banking on the draw being strong enough to benefit them. Will it? I think so, but you are right, time will tell. If it does benefit the SEC, as I think it will, tu is not going to fall on hard times, but it will make recruiting slightly more competitive in the state. The AD can't like that burr under his saddle. Do I think he spends time thinking about it? Some, that's why there is this thing called the LHN.


I suspect that in the end, the LHN will be beneficial to Texas with some residuals to the Big 12, but my point was that in the sort term it has not helped the Texas AD in the politics of Texas state recruiting, fund raising, branding, etc. Are the Horns going to be really inconvenienced by all this? Of course not. It would take a monumental set of idiots being hired at tu for a few decades to accomplish that. Don't see that happening. But Dodd has to be irritated at some level by the turmoil the Big 12 experienced by miscalculating two school administrations reactions to the deal, a conference that is dominated by his team. Bad for his business rep if it looks like tu's AD can't control the herd. I think tu as a group of fans are happy right now with the way things have turned out, and dissing A&M plays pretty well in Austin. So, it may have been throwing a reporter off with a flippant comment, but if you go to tu blog sites right now (and I never do), I suspect you will find Dodd's stock has gone up with the comment. Nothing a sip likes much better than some good ol Aggie bashing. Works both ways, so not throwing stones at you or any of the fine folks who decided to wear t-shirts with a dead cow's skull on it. 


 @JB TexasEx Four major universities have been willing to pay millions to get away from you. That's not spin, it's fact. Eventually you clowns will look in the mirror and realize you're the problem.

JB TexasEx
JB TexasEx


How do you know what Bebee offered?  That's pure speculation on your part.  Now, I agree that he probably wrote many checks his butt couldn't cash.  We fired him for it.


With regards to LHN, I don't know what was promised to whom.  I know LHN is scrambling for content and game inventory.  Obviously 3 FB games will make it a more attractive option.  Hey, I was for a Big 12 Network from the start.  I just don't see how one university can have a 24/7 dedicated channel.  I like some of the programming; Longhorn Extra, "Inside Texas Football" and Baseball.  Frankly, I would find a Big 12 channel more interesting.  I enjoy features like "SEC Storied" on ESPN and 30 for 30.  A Big 12 channel would give us a closer look at each university; its traditions, facilities and fans.  Maybe LHN won't work - we'll see.


How do you know that "Dodds is worried"?  He's about at the end of his tenure anyway.  I doubt much rattles a 70-something with over 30 years as UT's AD.  But, y'all can speculate about his motives and emotional state.  Believe what you'd like.

JB TexasEx
JB TexasEx

 @OldArmy  @AndrewMartin 

The SEC Network is still on the drawing board.  First, you've gotta convince Florida to give up their T3 rights that they've successfully marketed to Fox's "Sun Sports" network.  They made $10mm on that last year.  It's not a done deal.


Wow...thanks for the economics lesson.  My point is A&M wasn't very successful in marketing their T3 rights.  Zero revenue under Bill Byrnes direction.  Do you really think A&M's share will be greater than $15mm annually?  We'll see.



 @JB TexasEx  @AndrewMartin Ah, now we have the downward spiral into conspiracy theories. Not my job to do your research for dimwit. You can google it as well as anyone. But if you think that having to have everything you know spoon fed to you is a right you can get by demanding it, you're gonna have to find another nurse maid. Already did the 3 year old thing. And unbridled capitalism is not socialism, and only someone who does not understand socialism would have made the comment. Revenue sharing is as old as capitalism itself. Socialism is not corporate entities sharing profits, it is the dictatorship of the proletariat (or other state apparatus) taking from the governed body, with or without their consent, and redistributing as it sees fit. There is no profit in a socialistic model, it is the redistribution of wealth.


The SEC is an alliance of corporations with a profit motive. who have agreed to a contract that increases the value of products and services through consolidation of brands. The model is one of the sum total of the parts is less than the sum total of the alliance. That increase is called the profit margin. So, its not a model of "we split what we all already have (socialism), it is a model where the increase in revenue of the alliance is more than the increase in revenue made by any individual member. 


Now I'm beginning to doubt if you ever went to the University of Texas. Surely the basic courses in economics taught there are not so bad as someone who is ignorant enough to think revenue sharing is socialism could ever pass with that mush in their heads. And, you should be able to extrapolate the answer to the "Aggie Network" part of you question from the explanation of revenue sharing (Can you say SEC network would be more profitable?) 


Oh, and really liked the Gomer dig. Priceless. A level of sophistication not many college grads would be willing to share in public. And I don't mind it. I was an enlisted marine (get it, Gomer Pyle?) before I went to A&M. 


And gotta say, you aren't very good at this.

JB TexasEx
JB TexasEx

 @OldArmy  @AndrewMartin Clearly an example of "quantity" over "quality" when compared to the U.S. military academies.  Old Army never did divulge the percentage of the Corps who actually serves.  Why the secrecy?


I've got another puzzle for you, Sarge.  Why has A&M and the Former-Students so readily embraced a socialistic ideal, ie revenue sharing?  I mean, A&M is supposedly a bastion of all-American, right-wing, conservative ideals.  Why so eager to join an athletic conference that will potentially share all revenues?  Why not capitalize on the windfall from an Aggie Network?  


 @AndrewMartin  @JB TexasEx Yep, 14,000 in WWII, more than all three service academies put together. There is a reason the student body is called "Army." And it still commissions more officers than any other non academy. Not bad for a bunch of toy soldiers. 


 @JB TexasEx  @AndrewMartin Members of the Corps of Cadets do not salute each other, and not sure if you would know how to render a proper salute anyway. 


 @JB TexasEx Well, thanks for the Gump reference, and I already answered your question, and answering a question by the way, does not equate to reading comprehension. Look it up, comprehension has nothing to do with a response. Gump actually served his country. What have you done for us lately? And in your mind is there something wrong with being a private serving his country? Obviously you seem to think so.


Whats the matter, you can't google?


And the new seats for the Aggie Band were assigned in less than a week after the SEC decision was made, and if you want you can go to the resolution passed by the Texas A&M student government that said while A&M was asking for an exemption to the policy, that whatever the decision was, the student body expected the university to comply as quickly as possible.


So, not sure what you think we had a "problem" with. The school followed the rules, asked for an exemption, it was denied, and within a week, new seats had been assigned. For us, keeping things in perspective is not a problem. And moving the band did not rise to that level.

JB TexasEx
JB TexasEx

 @AndrewMartin  @OldArmy 

I do respect military veterans - not the ceremonial Aggie Corps members.


You're welcome to salute those toy soldiers if you'd like.  I'll pass.


 @JB TexasEx Oh, and on the comprehension thing, I said "we appreciate your contribution to advertising Aggie jokes to the SEC," not that we make money directly off of your post on line. Rights to Aggie Jokes are owned by the Texas A&M University press. If you tell one on the radio, or tv, and it is one of the thousands we own, we get a royalty check, just like the two sisters who ensured their rights to the song, "Happy Birthday." Bottom line, the more jokes told in any medium that makes a profit, A&M gets a cut. So, the more commentators in the SEC who know about them, the more opportunities for revenue. And you would be surprised to know how many copies of Aggie Joke books are bought by non-Ags, and all proceeds go to us. In fact, for our SEC brethren, if you want to hear a lot of Aggie Jokes, all you have to do is tell one, and we will join in. We know a bunch of them and WE LIKE THEM. So, again, thanks for advertising to our SEC brothers and sisters Aggie Jokes. We hope they will get on the band wagon.


 @JB TexasEx  @OldArmy

 JB TexasEx, you left out that the Pac 10 had an invitation for Texas A&M too.  Also, even if you is an Aggie hater, you should at least be respectful and appreciative for all of them that served our country for the last 100+ years.  Didn't the Aggie Corps commisssion more officers during WWII then any school in the country, including the academies?  As an American, I say thank you!

JB TexasEx
JB TexasEx

 @OldArmy *yawn*


Thanks for the dissertation on the invaluable services provided by the Corps, Pvt. Gump.


Why don't you post a link that verifies the number of "commissioned officers" since I'm too stupid to find it?  I won't sleep better at night knowing that the non-commissioned Corps is protecting my safety.  But, really I'm not that curious.  Yeah, I know A&M sent more officers to WWI and II, blah, blah, blah.  That's old news.


Speaking of reading comprehension, you never answered my other question.  How does A&M monetize Aggie Jokes?  It's okay if you don't know.  I doubt you'll see a dime for the link that I shared earlier.  


Lastly, where is the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band gonna stand during home games?  I know that you've already got a problem with that SEC rule.  I hope that y'all will learn to accept it and play nice with your new friends.  It's unbecoming to whine and complain before you're even a member of the conference.


Catch ya later, Gomer.


 @JB TexasEx Well, first off Texas A&M does not keep numbers of Corps members joining the military "under wraps," and just about any simpleton can check the number of commissioned grads out of the Corps, so will let you go do it. Like there is a conspiracy at A&M to cover up something about a student organization. Stupid comment. And every Corps member has to take at least two years of ROTC because A&M decided a long time ago to maximize the University's commitment to fulfilling its commitments under the laws for obligations of Land Grant colleges and universities, specifically the commitment to train a large pool of citizens to be prepared to enter military service should the nation need to call on volunteers.


So, while you don't like the Corps, it is performing that mission statement whether or not the Corps member actually enters the military. Its an old concept, and one many with your bent and lack of education on the roles and missions of Land Grant colleges don't respect. We do, and happily we don't much care what slackers think. So, while folks like you like to diss the concept of citizens voluntarily learning more about their country's defense with "toy soldier" comments, those who actually have taken the time to educate themselves on how things actually work, and why they exist have a slightly more informed opinion. But, you're a sip so.......


And, since you seem to get what you want to out of what others write, I said "students in the stands."  A&M has the largest student section in its stands in the country. Period. Just Google "largest student section in college football." Not hard. A&M holds the NCAA record for putting the largest number of students in the stands for games, over 31,000. Track back, the comment about students in the stands went to your comments on practicing yells. The by product of that focus on getting students involved in traditions (from before they actually start classes to the day they leave) is the largest percentage of student participation at football games in the country. We know Texas has a wonderful stadium. It has a great fan support base. It sells out all the time. So do a lot of other universities. Ku-dos. It is a great thing to see a sold out stadium. But that was not what I said. So, I know tu has a great academic reputation. Should put that to work and read for comprehension.


Again, happy you are posting on a site you still seem to think is reserved for only SEC members and t-sips.





JB TexasEx
JB TexasEx


Thank you for your service to our country.  Incidentally, what percentage of the Corps actually serves in the military upon graduation?  I know that's a figure A&M likes to keep under wraps, but please satisfy my curiosity.  My point is we all respect the military.  Your "ceremonial" corps members?  Not so much.


Also enlighten me as to how A&M monetizes the Aggie Jokes that I just posted online.  Do you get a royalty for each click?  Maybe back in the day...when people actually purchased books?


"Get as many students in the stands as we do"...LOL.  Check out our attendance numbers versus A&M.  DKR seats 100K and it's usually sold out.  But, don't let facts get in the way of your point.  Delusional?


We're glad you feel good about your choice to join the SEC.  But, honestly wasn't the move motivated by greed and envy?  Bottom line - you'll make more money in the SEC, including Tier 3 media rights if/when the SEC Network, sponsored by ESPN, ever comes to fruition.  Ironically, your former AD, Dollar Bill Byrne, generated 0 money for these rights.  I thought the A&M brand was strong?  KU makes $10mm annually selling non-conference basketball games to KS TV affiliates.


You're right - PAC's Larry Scott had invitations in hand ready to distribute to UT, OU, OSU and Tech.  Thank God for Baylor and Ken Starr and TX politics - they saved us from ourselves.  We're much happier in a rebuilt Big 12 than joining a west coast league.  The future looks bright.


Good luck to you.




 @JB TexasEx There you go. And from all us former toy soldiers who grew up to be real soldiers because of the Corps, we appreciate your contribution to advertising Aggie jokes to the SEC. A&M owns the rights to them, and we make a lot of money off them. And you get good by practicing things sip, which is why we have yell practices. And most of the visitors to Kyle will tell you we're pretty good at them. And we have noticed you guys are pretty good at singing a knock off to "I've been working on the railroad," and maybe one day you will be able to get as many students in the stands as we do.


And happy you were able to tell us all about tu's fidelity to the Big 12. Mizzou and A&M grads are happy to be reminded of that. I mean it was Texas President Bill Powers who was leading the Big 12 solidarity movement when he went to the PAC 10 to try to get tu into that conference. Confirmed btw by PAC 10 Commissioner Scott, right after Powers refused to give A&M President Loftin assurances tu was not doing just that...... twice. Thanks for the commitment.


Happy to see you here sip. Makes us feel much better about joining the conference.


 @JB TexasEx Sorry if references to your alma mater that have been used for about 100 years are insulting. Its college ball, every school out there takes its share of ribbing, and puh-lease cut the "we're holier than thou "we don't do it." You can't possibly think the entire population of Texas Exes is so well mannered, cultured (and devoid of humor) that they don't throw barbs at other schools.


If you don't like it, I will remember you don't take good natured ribbing too well. And thanks for pointing out how much money tu made last year, it confirms what I said, that the school is a (no pun intended) cash cow. And again, good for the school. Its done very well (That's a compliment by the way, just in case that was not clear to you in your hyper sensitive state).


And you're confused. If I'm not supposed to be here because this is not an Aggie Blog, and I shouldn't post here because we are not in the SEC yet, then what the heck are you doing here? Your school became a member of the SEC on what date?


Good grief.

JB TexasEx
JB TexasEx

 @OldArmy Let's see if I can address each of your points succinctly enough.  Your response was filled with unnecessary, condescending references to "tu", "neutered bulls" and "t-sips", but I'll get to that later. 

1. Yes, it was indeed a "corporate decision" not to meet ATM's demands and one not made by Dodds exclusively.  Why do you Aggies insist on believing that?  It was made by members of the Big 12 conference, including presidents (and, I suspect, influential boosters).  In the end, we decided that ATM is a nice, regional brand that isn't worth a premium price.  We're sorry.


2. UT's athletic department generated over $150mm last year.  #1 in the Nation.

Yes, we are the "biggest bull on the farm" and are not afraid to use our influence while negotiating.  But, I find it ironic that the Big 12 only agreed on equal shares of Tier 1 & 2 revenues after the malcontents; ATM, NU, CU and MU left the conference.  Your opinion that UT doesn't care about the conference is just that - an uninformed opinion.


3. Based on Rivals 2013 recruiting class rankings, we're currently #2.

Still ahead of ATM and all SEC teams, but that could change.  Frankly, I think these "star-rating" systems are BS.  We supposedly get Top 10 classes every year.  But, if that's the case how did we go 5-6 in 2010?  ATM gets Top 25 classes every year - recruiting's never been your problem.


4. It is not Dodd's job to "control the herd" that is the Big 12.  It was Dan Bebee's and he was fired for not doing it well.  Once again, your insistence that DeLoss is the de facto commissioner is a flawed belief.  But, cling to it if that makes you happier.


5.  I'll quote Jim Rome on this one, ""T.U." is not funny. It is not insulting. It is dumb. Just imagine if folks from Texas kept talking about M&A and giggling. That would not be funny. In fact, it would be retarded. That's why UT fans don't do it. Please learn."  Your implying that I'm a "t-shirt fan" is also erroneous.  TU is Tulane, Tulsa and Towson.  Once again, please learn.


6.  This is not an "Aggie Blog" and you are not officially SEC members until July 1st.  Don't flatter yourself with any "troll" BS, either, as I follow all things CFB, including the PAC-16 and the B1G.


Maybe we'll see y'all down the road someday.  Until then try to build up those t-shirt sales featuring that slack-jawed, redneck farmer.  But, I guess you already know those won't sell.

JB TexasEx
JB TexasEx

 @buddha22You finally got one against Varsity!  Congratulations!  What was Mizzou, 1-6 versus UT in the Big 12 era?  That's great, man.


Is ESPN into charity now?  Perhaps they knew that the B12 was undervalued and "rescuing us" would be good for business once the contract came up for renegotiation?  Based on projections, WVU has proven to be a more than adequate substitute.  Curious...


Hey, good luck in the SEC without a pipeline to TX talent.  I suspect there will be fewer Chase Daniels @ The ZOU, but that's just speculation on my part.


 @JB TexasEx Oh, we're putting up, shoving all in as a matter of fact. Don't know if MU will hold Georgia without a TD as they did Texas last year, but HCGP will have the ZOU rockin', that's a promise. By the way, you do have the motto correct and I guess you learned that when MU showed you that they had enough of half truths and promises from Texas and left that mess called the B12. Like the auto industry and investment banks, you were supposedly too big to fail and ESPN rushed in and stuck money in the holes in the dam. You sure have played a better conf partner since then, somehow though, I think your fellow members are wondering about that fault line running underneath their conference...Bevo Fault Line that is.

JB TexasEx
JB TexasEx


What hole would that be?  


You Mizzou guys were only added to the SEC for the KC and TV markets.  It wasn't for your superior fan base or athletic accomplishments.  Usually a bridesmaid, but finally a bride, huh?


What's your state motto....Show Me?  Time to put up or shut up.


 @JB TexasExWhat's that quaint expression y'all've got a big hat but no cattle? JB, son, better quit digging before that hole gets deeper than you can crawl out of it! That might be good drivel for bleeding oranges and burnt crayons blogs but you're writing alot and not saying much worth a spit.


 @JB TexasEx I don't see a significant spread between Texas' academic rating and A&M's or Florida's academic ratings.  These ratings are a small spread and close enough that many would say the difference is basically subjective.  All three are premier southern public universities.  Not like comparing Texas Tech or WVA to UT.  


 @JB TexasEx I'd like to talk to you about that JB.  I'm a Vandy grad.  Now, what is so special about Texas' academic rating?

JB TexasEx
JB TexasEx

 @Shrunken head  @Hellbent  @JB 

Duh.....once again Aggies showing their asses and their ignorance.  Combine with self-importance and delusion = Idiocy.


How many BCS bowl games has A&M won?  Zero, but you played in one.

TCU = 1 (played in 2)

WVU = 3


In answer to your other question, since you obviously don't know what's behind the realignment trend, MONEY and prestige of playing in a big-time league.  Big 12 will pay out $19mm per team this year.  That's why we've got FSU, Clemson, GaTech, Louisville, etc. wanting to play ball in the highest-rated CFB conference.  You can Google the 2011 Sagarin Ratings if you'd like.


Lastly, nobody gives a rat's ass what A&M's record versus TCU was.  Take the advice of the other Aggie "genius", Hellbent, and hop into your DeLorean.  The Horned Frogs are a strong, regional TX brand - just like A&M.  Maybe not as big, but an acceptable and valued substitute.  


They're ecstatic to be in the Big 12 and I can assure you it's more pleasant doing business with them than you malcontents.  Either way, TV ratings will be high and we'll sell-out DKR.  The Frogs have their highest season ticket sales in history for 2012.  They owe you Aggies a big kiss on the lips.

Shrunken head
Shrunken head

 @JB TexasEx  @Hellbent  @JB Bullshit TCU and West Virginny are upgrades 'on the field'.  What is TCU's all-time record versus A&M?

What conference was TCU in where they recently compiled a winning record?  1 stop below CUSA?  Big lEast - yup, that's a powerhouse conference.


Think about it.  Why would any team join the B-WTF?  Are they Desparadoes?

JB TexasEx
JB TexasEx

 @Hellbent  @JB Do you want to compare academic ratings now, too, "Hellbent".


You really are a hayseed.


 @JB TexasEx  @JB Tap the brakes on that DeLorean and tell me again how your Bobcats..err..Klanhorns are doing today.


Actually nevermind. Go away and play with your intellectual peers in Morgantown.

JB TexasEx
JB TexasEx

 @Hellbent  @JB Wow, J.  A classy response describing WVU as "toothless" and TCU's football players as "rejects".  But, you're not pompous right?


In terms of on-field, football success during the BCS era both WVU and TCU can be considered upgrades over A&M and Mizzou.  But, don't let facts get in your way.  Overall athletic departments and fan bases? Maybe not, but track & field and women's basketball isn't the impetus behind realignment. The two universities that are rumored to be added soon, Florida State and Clemson, have storied football histories and tradition too.  


Yeah, we've reaped what we've sown.  The biggest, richest and most profitable athletic departments in the country.  Will we ever be second in line to A&M in the hearts and minds of most Texans?  It hasn't happened yet in history, but I suppose anything is possible.  I doubt that I'll see it in my lifetime.


Lastly, if A&M and Mizzou are so hot why hasn't CBS agreed to renegotiate the SEC's Tier 1 media rights?  Just curious.


 @JB TexasEx  @Hellbent  @JB

the teams to take the big 12 spots are WV and TCU.  WV is a toothless,trashier version of Texas Tech that brings even less the table.  TCU takes the rejects that can't qualify into a real conference and will be worse than Baylor when it has to compete against them recruiting .  Anyone considering this as an upgrade or even wash trade is a moron.  Texas pompous stance isn't deniable. If there is one school that should reap what they sow it's the Texas.  their hayday came at a time of high profile, camera laced, & short lived football success on the shoulders of a single player and they've claimed nationwide prestige and dominance that doesn't exist beyond that.  doubtful many would believe, but I employ and work with a few longhorns and they actually understand this.  it shocks me too.


@JB TexasEx Delusion at it's finest. Good luck today in your regional game. Oh, wait.

JB TexasEx
JB TexasEx

 @Hellbent Doubtful, considering we've got other universities more than willing to take your place.  Maybe after a few years in the SEC you clowns will see that UT wasn't the problem?  But thanks for the multi-million dollar exit fees.  We'll use that as a signing bonus for whomever we decide to bring on board.


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