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Slive Opens Up On Playoff And Expansion

SEC commissioner Mike Slive sat down for a Q&A session with the media yesterday.  Tony Barnhart of has the particulars.  We’ll just hit on some of the highlights:


Asked if he had any doubt that a four-team playoff was on the way:  “I’d say the right word to use is ‘hopeful.’  We are committed to the four-team playoff.  We’ve been talking about it for four years and that is where we’re comfortable.  We support the four-team playoff.  How it’s done and where it’s done are issues we all have to discuss as a group… There are a number of issues that the commissioners still have to work through.  I’m hopeful that somehow we can find a place where we can all be comfortable. But our conference believes that if you’re going to have a four-team playoff then the best four teams should be chosen for that playoff.”


Asked would he compromise on a 3 champs plus a wild card plan:  ”I support taking 1-2-3-4.  I think that is the simplest solution and the one our fans will best understand and accept.  I believe that we are all guardians of the game and we should do what is best for the game.  Yes, we are responsible for our own conferences.  But I think we have to be careful about gerrymandering who should be in the playoffs.”


Asked twice about a possible SEC Network, Slive said on both occasions:  “We are currently talking to our TV partners about our TV future.”


Asked about further expansion:  “I was comfortable at 12.  We were comfortable at 12.  It’s institutions like Texas A&M and Missouri came and said they were interested in our league… We weren’t in an expansionist mode, and we aren’t in an expansionist mode now.”


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