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SEC Commitment Comparator – 5/29/12

The good folks at have recently updated their recruiting rankings and we decided it would be a fine time to lump all the SEC’s numbers together for you.  Below you’ll see two charts.  The first simply shows the total number of “talent points” being stashed away by league schools as of this morning.  (We dole out a point for each star that Rivals hands out, but we also count 0-star prospects as being worth a point, too.)

Here’s who’s rolling — and who’s not — about seven months out from National Signing Day 2013:


  School   Commits   5-stars   4-stars   3-stars   2-stars   1- & 0-stars   Total Points
  Florida   16   0   9   7   0   0   57
  Texas A&M   15   0   8   8   0   0   56
  Georgia   17   0   6   9   0   2   53
  Alabama   14   1   9   2   0   2   49
  Missouri   12   0   3   9   0   0   39
  LSU   12   0   5   5   0   2   37
  Auburn   10   2   2   4   1   1   33
  S. Carolina   13   0   3   5   1   4   33
  Vanderbilt   10   0   2   7   0   1   30
  Ole Miss   10   0   3   5   0   2   29
  Tennessee   7   0   3   3   0   1   22
  Arkansas   6   0   0   6   0   0   18
  Kentucky   1   0   0   1   0   0   3
  Miss. State   2   0   0   0   0   2   2


Below, our second chart shows the type of athlete each school is attracting at the moment:


  School   Avg. Pts. Per Commitment
  Florida   3.56
  Alabama   3.50
  Texas A&M   3.50
  Auburn   3.30
  Missouri   3.25
  Tennessee   3.14
  Georgia   3.11
  LSU   3.08
  Arkansas   3.00
  Kentucky   3.00
  Vanderbilt   3.00
  Ole Miss   2.90
  S. Carolina   2.53
  Miss. State   1.00


It’s still remarkably early in the process, but if the eye-opener is Missouri.  The Tigers currently rank in the top five of both charts despite not having the deepest of home-state talent pools.  We’ll see how things shake out in February, but for now the move to the SEC seems to have given Gary Pinkel’s program an added boost.



It may take a few years, but Missouri will eventually start to land more and more players from the Southeast. The base in Missouri is indeed pretty good. Not great, but better than people think. Add a few from Texas, Georgia and Florida, and suddenly you have some talented players. That's the formula that Pinkel has to follow. Of course, they'll go after prime targets nationwide, too, as this year's offer list shows.

josey wales
josey wales

I don't get why people think Missouri doesn't have a good talent pool.  They've not gotten the best in state players in a long time and they finally are starting to which is a key reason this recruiting class is doing so well, and so early in the process.  


In the draft 2 years ago it was Gabbert and Smith, both from Missouri going in the top 10.  I know that doesn't prove much. Monte Ball is a MO kid.  The number one H.S player in the country last year was from MO.  If Missouri consistently got its top 10-15 players every year, they would be a top 15 program.  They haven't, they finally are starting to. The only big guy they lost this year was Ezekial Elliot, they've gotten just about everyone else.  


2 big cities, plus a mid sized Springfield, and good rural teams.  It doesn't get the credit it deserves bc the best players have been dispersing to so many different schools, no program had a lot of MO kids so no one really thinks of MO has a solid talent pool.  And of course a popular thought around here is by rivals standards a 3 star in MO would often be 4 star in TX. 


Another huge thing is you're finally getting the generation of kids that were little and grew up with Mizzou being good.  And have grown up getting to know Pinkel from watching them for years.  For a long time talented H.S players in MO had no allegiance or love for Mizzou, this has changed. 


TJ Moe said one time he wasn't a Mizzou fan at all growing up, they weren't on tv much, they weren't winning.  Larry Smith, a crusty old man was coaching.  It wasn't like growing up watching Brad Smith and Pinkel, or Chase Daniel and Maclin. 



Did I miss something here? Missouri has had a pretty solid football program for a while. When are we going to stop saying, "Wow, Missouri can actually manage a top quality sports program from the backwaters of the US?" Oklahoma has been doing one heck of a job in a state that defines a limited home grown talent pool. They make up for it by going next door and recruiting their butts off, but you don't hear folks saying, "Gee, what a surprise, they have a lot of talent lined up." While the SEC may give the Tigers a boost, would think that in order to make the statement that Mizzou is a surprise success in recruiting, because they have been in the SEC for 12 seconds, lets get a before and after snapshot.

John at MrSEC
John at MrSEC moderator



One of these days I'm just going to post a picture of a brick wall to see who'll argue.


Missouri hasn't recruited this well, this early under Pinkel.  I've been told that my numerous Tiger fans from Kansas City to Columbia and they're all enjoying the hell out of the bounce the SEC is helping them get.  But if you want to trace last year's commitment comparators on this site, be my guest.  You'll find that they sure as the devil weren't fifth in our charts last May.


And nowhere on this site has anyone ever said anything close to this gibberish: "Wow, Missouri can actually manage a top quality sports program from the backwaters of the US?"


Want to put words in someone's mouth, try another site.




 @John at MrSEC 

Again, am I missing something here? What words, exactly, did I put in your mouth? Not a one. I asked a question about perception. You are the pro here, you get paid for putting this up, and actually your first sentence in response is pretty funny when taken in context with the next paragraph. Good, direct and well delivered defense of solid research (and followed by a right cross.  The sign of a well educated pro.


The rest, not so much. Now I'll tell you the same thing you told me, go back and do research. Not one of my posts insult the quality of content on this site, or the authors. I never play "gotcha" with the writers. You want me to try another site, no problem. But if you look up my posts, you might understand why your last sentence is every bit as much gibberish (and unprofessional) as anything I ever directed at you or this site.


Want to keep readers, try behaving toward the reader like you admonish the rest of us to act on this site. Got it, you catch a lot of crap. If I offended you, I apologize, really. Let me know if you find anything in my posts that tracks to the, "try another site." Not waiting on baited breath though.


 @John at MrSEC Sorry, going to break the commandment of not responding. You actually won on this one. I will do the mia culpa here. You are correct, your figures are solid and I led with my face and hit your knuckles. You are being the gentleman by deferring, but we both know you got me.


Next time I will try to actually think before I respond. Novel concept I know, but will try.



John at MrSEC
John at MrSEC moderator



The fact that you ask about perception clearly is in regards to MY perception and what I wrote.  When you say "when are we going to stop..." that's in response to the fact that you believe that I feel that way.  


Why else would you have written that?  


Don't answer that.  You win. 


White flag.  I cannot win here.  It's an impossibility.


Thanks for reading.  And feel free to post anything you like under my stories or anyone else's comments.







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