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SEC And Expansion/Realignment Headlines – 5/23/12

Let’s start with the expansion stuff, shall we?  (And beware… some of this stuff might be behind paywalls.)

1.  Clemson AD Terry Don Phillips says there’s “no substance with regard to a report” from that there’s been informal contact between the Big 12, Clemson, Florida State, Virginia Tech and Miami.

2.  Here’s the original Orangebloods piece claiming that one Big 12 source puts the odds of expansion at “55 to 60 percent.”

3.  Today that site claims that Georgia Tech “has also put out informal feelers to the Big 12.”

SIDENOTE — “Informal feelers” could mean a single rogue booster who wants his school to move has put in a call to someone he knows at a Big 12 school.  Either way, it seems that reports of a “done deal” for FSU and Clemson to join the Big 12 were exaggerated.

4.  Texas AD DeLoss Dodds told yesterday that he’s against expansion and that he thinks the new playoff system will make league’s playing championship games think twice… but he also says he’s been courting Notre Dame for a while.  (Of course he’s against expansion.  The more schools that join the Big 12, the more Texas’ power and revenue share will decrease.)

5.  ESPN’s Chris Low said on The Paul Finebaum Show yesterday that he believes more expansion is coming and “I can tell you that the SEC has their eyes on Virginia Tech.”

6.  At about the same time, the athletic directors at Virginia Tech and Virginia were saying they don’t feel there is “a serious threat of someone leaving the ACC.”

SECOND SIDENOTE — We’ll have more on the Virginia Tech talk a little later today.

7.  Here’s a graphic look – literally — at what expansion and realignment has meant for basketball.

8.  This writer says college football needs an early signing period.

9.  The season-opener between Alabama and Michigan in Arlington, Texas will — no surprise — kick off at 8pm ET on ABC.

10.  Arkansas quarterback Tyler Wilson has been pleasantly surprised by how quickly he’s developed a relationship with new offensive coordinator Paul Petrino.

11.  LSU’s football players are eager to get the “taste” of defeat out of their mouths.

12.  Transferring Texas A&M hoopster Naji Hibbert says he can be better on and off the court at Gardner-Webb.

13.  The Aggies come to the SEC with some peculiarities, says this writer.

14.  Will Muschamp believes his young Florida offense will grow up.  (Yeah, but how quickly?)

15.  Freshman Georgia placekicker Marshall Morgan will need to quickly do some growing up, too.

16.  Six Kentucky basketballers have been invited to the NBA’s draft combine.

17.  Tennessee coach Derek Dooley said of the felony theft arrest of tight end Cameron Clear: “I am aware of the situation but I can’t comment and won’t comment till I get all the details.”

18.  When Dooley was initially asked about rumors that Clear had stolen items from athletes on campus back, he said on May 7th: “I’ll classify it as messageboard journalism, like a lot of things that come through.”)

19.  Finally, here’s another writer’s look at the most important transfers in college basketball (and three are coming to an SEC arena near you).

THIRD AND FINAL SIDENOTE — If I open one more website and see Mia Hamm pop up in a video ad I’m going to punch something.




interesting in all this talk is that the Clemson board of directors (presidents or curators or Missouri and Texas A&M) are meeting thursday to talk about expansion. Looks like one ACC school is ready for the Big 12. I'm sure they've been told be the SEC, no thanks. We're already in your market. So if you're Clemson and you're all about football, you would be crazy not to go to the second best conference. The big question is how big does the Big 12 want to become? We know they always save a spot for Notre Dame. So if it's 12, maybe they take Clemson or not. But I know they will only add one school if that's the case. If 14 is the magic number, they may go ahead and take in Clemson and see what FSU does. But the big question is, what has FSU and Notre Dame become? I mean if this was 15 years ago and the big 12 was adding Notre Dame and FSU, that would be HUGE. But what does it do for you these days?


John reveal your insider information "SECOND SIDENOTE — We’ll have more on the Virginia Tech talk a little later today."

Or we shall have to inundate your email with Mia Hamm videos:)


"SECOND SIDENOTE — We’ll have more on the Virginia Tech talk a little later today."


Common John.  I've been waiting all day!  I'm curious as to what you're referring to.


More problems for Dooley. I guess the "messageboard journalists" got one right. Of course, given Dooley's history with D. Rogers, Clear will have to run a little bit and nothing happened.


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