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Richt Says “Life Is Too Short” For Transfer Restrictions

Georgia’s Mark Richt is the exception to the rule.  Since taking over as Georgia’s head football coach in 2001, Richt has allowed every single player who’s sought a transfer to do so without any restrictions.  Guys can move to other schools inside the SEC.  They can leave for in-state rivals.  They can join teams UGA is scheduled to play.  And they can bolt without whines and cries of tampering.

That is impressive.  And here’s why Richt says he allows such an open-door policy when it comes to exiting his program:


“First of all, I think life is too short.  I want every young man to have a successful time in his four- or five-year window to be able to go to college.  So I don’t want to impede a guy from realizing his goals and his dreams, wherever it is.

“I want our guys to stay [at Georgia], and sometimes when they do choose to leave, I still like the kid and I still want the kid to have success.  If he thinks he will have success at a school you compete against, then so be it…

The bottom line is this: When we recruit a guy, we want him to be at Georgia.  We want him to have success.  We want him to enjoy his experience.

If, for whatever reason, it doesn’t work out, wherever the guy goes, I want him to have the same ability to have the same success he was hoping to have when he came to Georgia.  So I don’t want to keep a guy from doing that.”


Every person has his own share of personal failings and faults.  No one is perfect.  But until the day we at recieve photographic evidence of Richt dressed up as his mother and wielding a butcher knife, this writer will continue to say:

Mark Richt — good coach, even better guy.



I am an Arkansas fan, but I am definitely a Mark Richt fan.  You are absolutely right as you stated, "good coach, even better guy".  Thanks for posting this.  In this day and age, we don't get too many stories like these. 

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