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Pinkel Says Arkansas-Missouri Will Be Cross-Division Foes

Earlier this year, R. Bowen Loftin and Harris Pastides — the top brass at Texas A&M and South Carolina — openly spoke of their soon-to-be permanent cross-divisional rivalry.  Now Missouri’s Gary Pinkel has confirmed that talk.

According to Matt Hayes of The Sporting News, Pinkel said today that Missouri will indeed land Arkansas as its permanent cross-divisional rival.  Mizzou’s coach can’t be happy about the fact that he’s losing Texas A&M and an every-other-year trip to recruiting-rich Texas.  At the same time, the fact that Pinkel has been comparing the talent in Atlanta to the talent in Dallas — as well as the fact that his school has put up billboards across Atlanta and the Peach State — makes this is a rather small surprise.

It’s been clear for a couple of months that MU officials believed they’d need to shift their recruiting focus from Texas to Georgia and Florida.




With Arkansas and Missouri pairing up, it will now be Steve Spurrier and Carolina who’ll get the benefit of playing in the Lone Star State every other season.  Ironically, when A&M was added to the league, Spurrier was the first coach to publicly come out and say that his school didn’t do much Texas scouting and recruiting.

That’s likely going to change.



USC is not likely to benefit any more than the other schools that come to Texas. If you are in the West, you are going to get exposure. Alabama, LSU, and Arkansas are going to benefit more than USC, just because they are closer to home. USC might get a leg up on Florida for example, but would not bet on Carolina making a big dent in the Texas state talent pool. Basically, if you are in the SEC, you are going to have a leg up because A&M is in the Conference. This is why the SEC has been courting A&M for decades. It opens Texas up for everybody in the South. USC's interest in recruiting in Texas is going up because everybody in the SEC has an interest in Texas, and Spurrier knows that. Game on folks. The losers in the recruiting game are going to be the smaller schools in Texas that have stayed competitive in recruiting because of a historical association with the SWC or the Big 12 (Baylor, Tech, TCU, Rice, SMU). Recruiting for them just will get harder and harder as the SEC impact is felt. They are not going to crumple up and die, just saying it will get harder.

John at MrSEC
John at MrSEC moderator



Glad you know more about Texas recruiting than the people I speak to in SEC athletic departments.  Also glad you know what Spurrier knows and what he doesn't.  I didn't realize you were so close with Carolina's coach.


But I'll simply ask this, if going to Texas on a regular basis isn't a little bit of aid in recruiting, why the hell have LSU, Alabama and Arkansas been so keen on playing in Dallas these last few years?  Might as well go to Hoboken.  


As if being seen in Texas isn't the least bit of an advantage.  Yeesh.




 @John at MrSEC What? Man you need to read what I wrote, cause you are just manufacturing a disagreement when there was none.


All I said was everybody is going to get a bump up from recruiting in Texas. Now my turn to tell you not to put words in my mouth. I never said I was close to Carolina's coach. I said in my post that going to Texas was a big deal "and Spurrier knows that," WHICH IS EXACTLY THE POINT YOU WERE MAKING. "If you are in the West, you are going to get exposure. Alabama, LSU, and Arkansas are going to benefit more than USC, just because they are closer to home," does not mean USC is not going to benefit, that means I think the teams in the West are going to benefit more..... because they are closer.... and they are going to go to Texas every two years. Now if that sets you off..... wow.


I thought the purpose of posting on a sports blog, was to give an opinion. Go back and see if anything I wrote is a personal attack on you, your work, your sources, intelligence or maturity. There is not one word, phrase or point that does any of that. Not one. Until now, cause your response was borderline stupid.


You seem hell bent on manufacturing insults because I agreed and expanded on much of what you wrote, so if my agreeing with 95% of what you wrote was not enough, or if my using the words "and Spurrier knows that," somehow makes the veins in your brain housing group pop, my turn to tell you that you sound like I put up a brick wall and you are arguing with it. Really. the only thing you can remotely take as a disagreement with your post is that I expanded your initial thought on USC benefiting from A&M being in the SEC to every team in the conference, but mostly the teams in the West. Sorry. 


If that is your threshold for coming on like a jerk, I promise to never, ever respond to one of your articles with a line that has the following words in it, "and Spurrier knows that." I also promise never, ever to agree or disagree with a single word you write. What a concept.


Seems to me that is what it will take, unless you want a  promise to never, ever to give an opinion on anything that happens concerning football in my native state of Texas, because all those thoughts are the property of John at MrSEC, because you talk to people in that state who are in football programs. Heck, seems to me that the purpose of this blog is not for us to comment on what you write but to accept it without comment. Wow, again, what a concept. Should have picked up on that before this. 


Sorry Bub, but you went off the deep end on this one. Not expecting you to even consider that you might have gone off half cocked here, cause tonight you seem to want to be pissed off for no reason. Hope that works for you, but my presence here helps make you money, not the other way around. And no, that does not mean you have to take crap from us, but you might want to think that your dumping unwarranted crap on any of us is part of the bargain either. 


 @John at MrSEC And I don't know about never paying to respond to anyone. if you didn't get to smack someone every now and again, why would you do this? Sometimes you just need the target practice. And I do like the research, even if I am in the dog house for being stupid about Missouri recruiting stats.


 @John at MrSEC 

Okay, I'll take that I need to be a bit more aware of the time zone shift and the work load of someone on the keyboards in the AM while I am still in the PM, but honestly (and not protesting here) the first sentence is actually an agreement with you, phrased incompletely perhaps. "USC is not likely to benefit any more, or any less, than other schools that come to Texas," might have been a better way to start. I AGREE with you that Spurrier is dealing with a little irony. My point (poorly stated) was that Spurrier may know he has an opening in Texas, but the down side for him is that his advantage (In my opinion) is not any greater than other schools that show up in Texas because they are closer to home (and have been there many more times than USC, as you pointed out in your response.


Really was agreeing with you, just trying to put my two cents in that Spurrier has competition in that regard who have a better name brand to start with than USC (Alabama, LSU, Miss, etc.)


Again, apologize for appearing to rain on your post. 



John at MrSEC
John at MrSEC moderator



The initial post stated that South Carolina will benefit from playing in Texas every other year.


Here's the first line of your response:


"USC is not likely to benefit any more than the other schools that come to Texas."


Well, I stand by the fact that the East Division school landing A&M as a regular foe will get a bigger bounce from playing there than any of their East Division rivals.  I don't even see how that point can be argued.


Sorry if I went off a little half-cocked as you say, but I've been working on this site from this morning til darn near midnight and I've gotten nothing but insults, arguments and hate mails from start to finish.


If that colors my perception, my apologies.


But the first line of this post sure seems to be an out-and-out disagreement with my take.  And if you can disagree with me, I should be allowed to respond.


Unfortunately, my job is to apparently find everything I can for the site, deliver it for free, and then let everyone rip it and me to shreds on a daily basis.  


About once a month I blow my stack and tell some folks to take a flying leap.  If I aimed that at the wrong guy, then I truly apologize.  But you should just be aware that 99.9% of the feedback to this site by readers is negative and much of it in my email box is profane.  Based, of course, on my "hatred" of their school or coach.


So you might want to be a little careful about starting your comment with what sure looks like a total disagreement with what I just wrote.  That or be prepared for me to get snippy on occasion.


And once again -- it NEVER pays to respond to anyone.  Ever.  Never has.  Gregg Doyel, I'm clearly not.




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