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Monday Expansion Headlines – 5/14/12

Man, I was reaaaaallllly hoping we weren’t going to have to do this again all summer…


1.  Here’s the full extent  of FSU trustee Andy Haggard’s “I was only trying to say” backtrack from Sunday.

2.  The ACC meetings got going yesterday and the Seminoles in attendance were “calm and relaxed.”  (As opposed to Nathan Thurm.)

3.  Want amazing?  ESPN’s ACC blogger Heather Dinich lists “What to Watch” at this week’s gathering but does not mention the comments of Haggard or FSU’s AD or FSU’s president.  At all.  She barely mentions Jimbo Fisher’s comments and thanks him “for keeping the expansion talk alive.”  Wow.

4.  David Ubben, ESPN’s Big 12 blogger does talk about Haggard’s comments, but it’s clear that ESPN has put this topic on the backburner.  I kept looking but I never saw this enormous, wild story make the homepage at over the weekend.  Never.  And you can bet that if it weren’t an ESPN contract that had FSU so ticked off you’d have seen Haggard’s comments and all the rampant speculation they touched off getting a lot more play.  ”Worldwide Leader” indeed.

5.’s Dennis Dodd is talking about a four-league universe.  (He thinks ESPN will try to get FSU to stay put.  We do, too, as we’ve mentioned.)

6.  Matt Hayes of The Sporting News — taking things a bit further than we did today — suggests FSU would get “slaughtered” in the Big 12.  (As we said when folks made those comments about Texas A&M last year, we’re not buying that based on FSU’s rich history.  Power programs always rise again.  However, at the moment there’s no question the Big 12 is tougher than the ACC football-wise and the Noles haven’t been tearing up the ACC.  Additionally, if some FSU fans think the ACC favors UNC and Duke, wait’ll they land in the Big 12 with Texas.)

7.  Chadd Scott of does a good job of explaining Tier 3 media rights if you’re not well-versed on that subject.

8. says “it’s all about the money” for Florida State.



Yea, expansion headlines!  John, you might not like to write about it, but your expansion coverage is what first brought me to your site last year and I have been reading ever since.


As an SEC fan, I'd rather pass on FSU.  And for shall we say "cultural reasons" I also don't want to add UNC, Duke, or UVA (all top notch academic institutions no question, and all would pass on the SEC most likely if given a choice).  My most prefered end game to the expansion mania would be the following four divisions:


West: A&M, Ark, LSU, Mizz

South: Alabama, Auburn, Miss, Miss St.

North: Kentucky, Tenn, Vandy, VA Tech

East: Florida, UGA, NC St, SC


You play each team in your division and then two from each of the others (John's long advocated 9-game schedule).  A four year student would get to see every team in the league at home and away.  Plus, old annual rivalries that are broken (UT/Alabama, UGA/Auburn, etc) would only have two year gaps - not ideal but also not the worst possibility.  And for certain divisions that look tough/easy right now, remember it wasn't that long ago that the West was the East's little brother, so all that stuff goes back and forth and evens out over time.


To the Heather Dinich point -


Anyone else notice the worldwide leader changing tones recently?  They ran a piece the other day excoriating the Nebraska assistant coach for taking a stand against homosexuality that was very one-sided.  Are they now entering the arena of politics, or covering sports?  It is no news that they are at least attempting to manipulate college football, but have they now so crossed the line that they are no longer wearing the mask?  They just seem to be a little more impressed with themselves than usual lately.


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