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UT’s Rogers Says He Never Considered A Transfer

Transfer?  What transfer?  What’s a transfer?

Last week, mercurial Tennessee receiver Da’Rick Rogers stirred up a controversy by tweeting: “Georgia State.  Wasup?”  He was absent from practice the next day, but quoted Rogers as telling that site that “Georgia State would be the only place I’d look at” should he transfer.

Over the weekend, Rogers returned to practice after doing some things Derek Dooley told him to do.  The coach would not elaborate on what those things were, but he did say Saturday that Rogers was good to go and that a transfer had never come up in any conversations between the two.

Today, Rogers spoke to the media and said all’s well:

“Oh, man, no controversy.  Just had some little things to handle off the field, got those handled and now we’re looking forward to becoming a championship-contending team. … If I was a distraction, I really wasn’t trying to be a distraction.  It was a situation that we got handled, and everything is good now.

No transfer for me, no consideration.  Maybe I need to do a little better job with my tweets, letting everybody know what’s really actually going on so next time it won’t be misinterpreted.”

Maybe he needs to make sure what he tells websites covering other programs isn’t misinterpreted either.  Or maybe he could have straightened things out via Twitter when the story blew up last week.  Funny that he didn’t.

Or maybe Derek Dooley needs to simply ban his guys from Twitter.

Rogers went on to praise the chemistry on Tennessee’s team before stating: “Sometimes you just come to a point in your life where you have to be strong about things.  I had a little weak moment, and that’s gone behind me and behind the team now.  We’re ready to go.”

Judging by the tweets sent out by some of his teammates last week, it seems that some Vols might be ready for Rogers to go.  Or maybe those tweets were misinterpreted, too.

Either way, Knoxville is still Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood for now.  We await his next episode.



We know you quite eagerly await his next episode...what else would people talk about on local TV shows if it wasn't for 20 year old kids screwing up.  Look, Rogers is obviously an odd (possibly bad) apple. He is old enough to be responsible for his own actions. And Dooley is certainly old enough to be responsible for his decisions as the coach.  But the fact of the matter is that Fat Phil created and caused this exact situation. At some point, it was going to take a little bit of a "stain" to get a program as hopelessly untalented as UT back up to where it needs to be to win again. The state of SEC football is too cutthroat. UT is damn lucky to have gotten Rogers when it did (remember the exodus of commitments after Kiffin left?). UT is NOT to the point it can run his crappy attitude off yet, either. It's not like the kid is doing drugs, stealing laptops, or holding up people at gas stations (yes, he was in the massive bar fight with half his team two years ago). 99% of UT's fans would rather win first, have perfect tranquility later.... So yes, you put up with Rogers' tweets and missed study halls right now, and even his impact on the locker room. Because you know what? Derrick Dooley, Malik Jackson, Dallas Thomas, Tyler Bray and all the other supposed "indignant" teammates can't get it done on their own. They need Rogers, and Rogers needs them until such time as UT can win 9 plus games a year without him and Da'rick can go pro. And the media will b-tch until that happens because the media has nothing else to do (or constructive to say). And that's fine. People pay you to do it...But since you are getting paid, why don't you go hound Fulmer for having to have Rogers around today. Had he maybe recruited just one or two decent receivers in between donuts, Dooley could afford to fight back a little harder when kids tweet too much now.


Anyway, not going to change your and Hyams' opinion (you have money to make off these kids), but if Rogers is the worst discipline case that Dooley ever has to bring in to fix things (and the book is still out if things will be fixed), then he's going to go down as a saint relative to his peers in the the SEC.    


Dooley is not going to ban Social media. That will be the easy thing to do, but he wants his players to use it as a learning tool. 



 agree w/ a lot of whay you said, and Fulmer is certainly responsible for a lot of the mess that DD inherited, w/ an assisst from Kiff, but it's time to stop the Fulmer/Kiffin/Hamilton blame-game and do it on the feild. And  in order to do that, they need guys Like Da'Rick, tweets and all.

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