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UK Ready To “Shock The World”

The folks in Lexington are optimistic.  About football.

Well, at least the football team is optimistic.  Take these comments from sophomore linebacker Alvin “Bud” Dupree:

“We’re going to be a surprise team.  People don’t really expect Kentucky to have a good football team, but we’re going to work hard this spring and in the offseason.  We’re going to get bigger, faster, stronger. … We’re going to be a good team and shock the world, shock the fans.”

My first thought after reading that quote was of the movie “Patton.”  When an underling tells Field Marshall Erwin Rommel that he’s “optimistic” about the Germans’ chances against combined US and UK forces, Rommel replies coolly: “You can afford to be an optimist.  I can’t.”

But in UK’s case, head coach Joker Phillips — while not quite so exuberant as his young linebacker — also promised improvement. 

“Don’t give up on this football team,” he said when asked what he would tell Wildcat fans.  “We’ll battle; we’ll fight; we’ll scratch; we’ll claw.  Just don’t give up on this football team.”

Got that, Cat fans?



Too Late.  I gave up when we didn't go after Mike Leach and retained Joker.  The Joke can be on somebody else this year because I am joining my Country Clubs tennis league and playing tennis on saturdays.

Bubba Gump
Bubba Gump

Slightly off topic, but interesting choice of picture which kind of looks like a smiling yellow tennis ball in a sea of blue tennis balls. Since UK just swept the SEC undefeated in tennis it was funny timing to use that specific picture.

John at MrSEC
John at MrSEC moderator

Bubba Gump...


Just looking for something that conveyed a feeling of optimism.  


Thanks as always,


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