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SEC Headlines 4/14/2012

1. LSU has a new basketball coach.  Johnny Jones will be introduced on Monday – expected to get a five-year contract.

2. Can Jones – a former LSU player - bring back the magic? The “Bullet” is back in his home chamber.

3. Connecticut transfer Alex Oriakhi is headed to Missouri.  Was scheduled to visit Kentucky next weekend. UK fans react on Twitter.

4. Florida forward Will Yegeute is making progress coming off surgery for a broken foot.

5. The Bobby Petrino aftermath: Arkansas  players and coaches - including his brother Paul – speak out about the firing.

6. Razorback quarterback Tyler Wilson is having a great spring.

7. Were coaches actually afraid of certain players at Florida?  More fallout from the Urban Meyer era as Chris Rainey talks.

8. Expect Florida’s Ronald Powell to have ACL surgery next week.

9. Alabama’s annual A-Day today – winners get steak, losers eat beans. Expect more than 90,000 fans to attend. It’s becoming a tradition under Nick Saban.

10. Auburn’s new offensive coordinator message to fans today?  Expect disappointment. As for the defense – eight Tigers are not expected to play.

11. Former Auburn receiver Antonio Goodwin convicted of first-degree robbery.

12. Five story lines for Georgia’s G-Day game – including those unproven defensive backs. Keep your eye on the tailbacks as well.

13. South Carolina tight end Kelvin Rainey and his “Blind Side” type story.

14. Jon Solomon on South Carolina’s coach: “Spurrier turns 67 years old next week. He sounds friskier than ever.”

15. Mississippi State cornerback Darius Slay and the best scrimmage of his life.

16. A healthy competition at offensive line for Tennessee as the Vols scrimmage this afternoon. Freshman QB Nathan Peterman has a dislocated finger.

17. Tennessee defensive back Prentiss Waggner and wide receiver Justin Hunter are on the comeback trail while recovering from surgeries.

18. Expect linebacker Curt Maggitt to have an impact at linebacker for Tennessee this fall.

19. Kentucky running back Coshik Williams has gone from walk-on to starter.

20. All but two of Vanderbilt’s 2012 spring signing class will be on hand tonight in Nashville to watch the Commodores spring game.

21. Boosters got a sneak peak Friday night – everyone else at Mizzou gets to see the new uniforms at today’s Black and Gold game. Trey Barrow is no longer the Tigers No. 1 kicker.

22. Expect a faster offensive tempo at Texas A&M this fall. Running back Christine Michael: “It kind of reminds me of an Oregon or Arkansas offense.”

23. A total of 43 spring games in college football today.


24. Athletes and painkillers.

25. Wall Street Journal – Tornado Recovery: How Joplin is beating Tuscaloosa.



What makes you think those twitter messages are from UK fans?  Only 1 (and one of the tamest ones at that) that I saw even mentions anything about Kentucky, which is equal to the number of comments defending Oriahki by UK fans on that page.  Also, at least one declares themselves a supporter of another team that lost out.


Shoddy, irresponsible reporting.  Yesterday I praised you in comments about your evenhandedness, and today....this.


Thanks for your work on the site.  This is just uncharacteristic and surprising.




On another note...I'm very proud of the character demonstrated by Paul Patrino and the Razorback team.  I hope Jeff Long keeps the coaches and team together for the 2012 season.  I feel very confident that this team will perform to the level they are expected to, and this unfortunate situation will not have a major impact on them.  Go Hogs!


I'm happy to say those inappropriate comments from the tweets about Alex Oriakhi do not reflect the character of any UK fan I know.  It looks like MU and UK are in for a real "cat fight".

John at MrSEC
John at MrSEC moderator



What did Mike -- who handles headlines on the weekend -- get wrong?  He said UK fans.  Plural.  One UK fan was ugly.  Another wished him well.  That's UK fans reacting to Oriakhi's decision on the page he linked to.


Also, I'd hardly call a headline link that's just five words long "shoddy, irresponsible reporting."  If anything, I think you might call it "somewhat misleading linking," but again he was technically correct that at least 2 UK fans were reacting on that page.


No one at -- not me, not Mike, not Josh -- is out to get any SEC school. 


Thanks for reading the site,



 @John at MrSEC  First of all, I don't think you are out to get UK at all.  Like I said yesterday, I think you are pretty even-handed here, which is why I frequent the site.  I go to UK blogs also, but the broader, level-headed, more serious style here suits me well.


 I do stand by point of my statement, which is  that it was misleading.  I had seen that link earlier from another site presented as a commentary about twitter being out of control and the internet "douche-bag" theory in general and reminding UK fans that's a stupid thing to do.  Here, it is presented in a way that would lead someone to click on it and think that they were all from UK fans.  If it were to say, for example, "UF fans react on twitter" (UF only because I believe they were recruiting him too), and I clicked over and scanned it, I would have assumed you had reviewed it closely and your link meant that was all or mostly UF reactions.  Sure, it would have been my fault as well for the assumption, but I would have felt ok making that assumption because I trust the site.  


It was different that the usual accuracy that I associate with the site. Yes, it's a minor quibble, but I think the site is excellent and this instance did not live up to the usual standard


thanks for the response,


Bubba Gump
Bubba Gump



I have to agree with james on this one. The responses are not clear that they are UK fans, and some appear to be Uconn fans or fans from other schools. UK has enough issues dealing with their own fans from the fringe, and they do not need to be blamed for the other schools fringe fans as well. Like james, I tend to frequent more level sites because I do not like all the trash talking that gets no where. When Mr SEC narrows the gap with ESPN on quality of posts it is a sad day indeed. 5,000 + comments from idiots is not a good thing to replicate.


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