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Saban Most Proud Of Bama’s Bounce Back From Mid-Year LSU Loss

Ask a BCS title-winning coach what he’s most proud of regarding his team and he’ll likely tell you winning the dadgum BCS title.  But in the case of Nick Saban, he says he was most impressed by his team’s handling of its 9-6 overtime loss to LSU at home in the middle of the 2011 campaign.

Speaking at a benefit last night, Saban had this to say about his team’s focus:


“The thing that I was most proud of with this team was how they handled losing to LSU the first time.  We had a team meeting and we showed them all the plays and how the outcome of the game was completely controlled by what they did. . . . They were all convinced when they left the room that the better team really didn’t win the game.

As big as that game was made out to be, they very easily could have changed what they had committed themselves to accomplish and thought they didn’t have a chance to accomplish it. They never did that.” 


By continuing to move forward and focus on its own game — and with a little help from Iowa State’s win over Oklahoma State — Alabama wound up getting another shot at LSU in the Superdome back in January.  The result, a 21-0 Tide win and the school’s 40-11th national championship (at least according to UA’s media guide).


bradking2001 1 Like

John, can you please verify what edition of the UA media guide claimed The University of Alabama had 4,011 National Championship's? The latest edition should state that the University of Alabama has 14 national championships in football. Please reveal your source so that a correction can be made. Unless this is a lame attempt at humor trying illustrate that The University of Alabama did not earn all of their national championships, but I know you have too much integrity for that.

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