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UGA’s Rambo Could Declare For Supplemental Draft After Brownie Binge; 28 Dawgs Gone Overall

News continues to trickle forth regarding the suspension of Georgia starting safety Bacarri Rambo.  First, news spread that he’d be benched for two-to-four games.  Then came word that it would be four games and it was due to a second drug issue.  Now we know what he did… and what he might do next.

Rambo’s high school coach Allen Ingram has told The Athens Banner-Herald that Rambo tested positive for marijuana after eating laced-brownies during a spring break trip to Panama City, Florida.  The coach says the player didn’t know that the brownies had weed in them.  (Yeah, because spring-breaking college kids often whip up a batch of non-pot-brownies before heading to the Sunshine State.  Too bad Rambo didn’t stick to the wholly innocent banana nut bread his friends had also baked for the trip.)

“Some kids had them that were staying with him and he said he got high,” Ingram said.  “He thought the things had marijuana in them.  He sat there a couple of hours and didn’t know what to do.  He said if he turned himself in he’d get a four-game suspension for a second offense.”

The coach also said that he believe Rambo is not a pothead, despite those two drug issues.  Ingram said the first issue — which led to a suspension from last year’s season-opener against Boise State — involved Rambo being stopped for speeding and then police finding a joint on one of his passengers.  “I’ve got kids that go to other schools that say he doesn’t smoke.”  No, but apparently he does eat pastries and ride with folks who smoke.

Whether the star safety knew he was noshing on weed brownies or not, Rambo is now considering a jump to the NFL via this summer’s supplemental draft.  Such a move would further devastate a UGA secondary that is becoming perilously thin.

Mark Richt refused to answer questions or “confirm anything” about the reported suspensions of Rambo and linebacker Alec Ogletree, who is believed to have also failed a drug test.  (Maybe second-hand brownies are to blame.)  Meanwhile, his program continues to hemorrhage players.  The Atlanta Journal-Constitution writes that at least 28 athletes who would still have eligibility at UGA will not be with the program for the start of the 2012 season due to suspensions, dismissals, and transfers.




Would the NFL let him into the Supplemental Draft? What's his hardship?


With all this chronic are you sure this isn't kU basketball????


Maybe UGA has these problems because they are one of the few that test players. Only 3 teams in the SEC suspend on the first failed drug test, UGA being one of them and none from the SEC west. Anyone

that thinks these same prblems are not going on at their school a delusional.  Some coaches still puts standards and ethics above winning at all costs.

John at MrSEC
John at MrSEC moderator



Not sure who you're lecturing.  We've said many times that Georgia has one of the strictest policies in the SEC.  And we've said there should be a uniform SEC testing policy.


That does not, however, explain away 28 different UGA players being unavailable at the start of next season for various reasons.


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If he declares that's a major blow to UGA particularly an already thin secondary.  I don't think he will, but GA people have to be waiting anxiously for this and I'm sure they were already worried enough about the matchup with Mizzou without Ogletree and Rambo gone. 

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