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Report: UAB Could Make A Run At UM’s Kennedy

One SEC coach has been fired.  Another has chosen “on his own” — ahem — to retire.

Might a third SEC coach be on his way out of the league this March?

UAB has just announced that Mike Davis has been fired after his sixth season with the Blazers.  Gary Parrish of already reports that “sources have told that UAB might try to lure Andy Kennedy from Ole Miss.”

Why Kennedy?  Because after transferring from NC State, the current Ole Miss coach played under legendary Blazer coach Gene Bartow at UAB from 1988 through 1991.

Kennedy just wrapped up his sixth season in Oxford.  In that time he’s won 20+ games five times (also losing double-digit games in each of those seasons).  He’s never finished better than 9-7 or worse than 7-9 in the SEC.  He’d led the Rebels to five NITs including a one-game stay in that tourney this year and two previous trips to the semifinals in New York.

Would Kennedy be interested in Alabama-Birmingham’s job?  Well — if you read our take on Rick Stansbury earlier today — you can probably guess that we think he should be.  In this day and age, coaches need to move whenever they get a chance.  Every five or six years, it’s time to restart the clock in a new venue before the fans grow restless.

Mississippi will soon be bringing in a new athletic director to replace Pete Boone, the man who hired Kennedy and stood by him after an embarrassing arrest for a booze-fueled altercation with a Cincinnati cabbie in 2008.  Here’s the thing about new athletic directors: most like to hire their own guys.  And if Ole Miss hadn’t just replaced its football coach and wasn’t currently looking for a new AD, it’s quite possible Kennedy’s goose would have already been cooked for missing the NCAAs again this season.

Kennedy’s contract runs through 2014 and he did not receive an extension after last season.  He currently makes $1.3 million annually to coach in the worst arena in the Southeastern Conference.

Davis made just $625,000 a year and his contract had no built in bonuses for winning the C-USA title or other individual honors.  Would UAB be able to shake loose enough money to get Kennedy’s attention?

Either way, Kennedy should listen to his alma mater if it comes calling.  Pay cut or not, it’s easier to find a job when you have a job.  And in another year — if things don’t go well in Oxford in 2012-13 — Kennedy may well be out of a job and looking for a new one.

It’s a step down from Ole Miss of the SEC to UAB of Conference USA.  There’s no way to spin that one.  But it might beat being forced by a new boss to step off a plank a year from now.



...not sure if Kennedy will actually up at UAB, but it would be fine with me...he's a very good coach, and was a Blazer. Also, keep in mind that UAB's basketball conference is about to get a good bit tougher with the 'merger' with the Mountain West, who got 4 teams in this year (not sure how they have fared thus far, tho...). So, that might make the position a bit more attractive - for the age of the program, it's got a pretty fair rep - 2 of our 4 coaches went to the final 4 (not with US, tho...although Bartow was 4-5 points away from it...)


Mike Davis is a 'solid' coach, but just never really seemed to get to the 'next level', and was not a very good tourney coach, be it bad luck, bad prep, or whatever... If the BOT allows (ugh), I think UAB has enough 'fat cat' boosters to up the ante for a new coach. We made a solid hire in football with McGee from Arkansas, so there's hope.


Kennedy would be fine, but TJ Cleveland - one of Mike Anderson's assistants at Arkansas, seems to be the 'fan fave' now, which hopefully would bring back the 'fastest 40' to UAB, as when Anderson coached there.


Kentucky will waltz to the Championship this year, but I would love to see Vandy make a bunch of noise, too... so far, so good on that.


Great site y'all have here... y'all did a great job keeping up with all the A&M - Mizzou stuff last year... should be an intersting next couple of years for ALL schools around the nation.


Keep up the great work!





The rumor came from Andy himself. Who is friends with the writer.

I cant imagine UAB firing a coach that was 1 of 6 in NCAA appearances to hire one that was 0 for 6.

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