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Slive On Football Postseason: “There’s No Consensus On Anything”

At this point, it looks as though a playoff — or Plus-One system — is a foregone conclusion for college football’s postseason.  But after the latest meeting of BCS conference commissioners, it seems there’s still a lot of ground to cover before the make-up of that new system is determined.

SEC commissioner Mike Slive said after this week’s meeting in Dallas:

“There’s no consensus yet on anything.  The first couple of meetings, we talked a lot about just college football in general, the regular season.  This time, less of that and more about how we need to start getting closer to where the rubber meets the road.  And there’s lots of different options, and start to analyze each one of those and the pros and cons that go with them.”

The group of commissioners released a statement yesterday acknowledging a number of issues — already well known — that they’re debating during their discussions:

1.  “Would we play some games on campus or all games on neutral sties?”

2.  “If some games are on campus, is that too much of a competitive advantage?”

3.  “If all games are at neutral sites, would fans be able to travel to two games in a row?”

4.  “How would teams be selected?  By a committee, by the current ranking formula, or by a different formula?”

5.  “When exactly would games be scheduled, considering finals, holidays and our desire to avoid mid-January games?”


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