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Saban Wins Coach Of The Year Honors, But He Wasn’t Even The Best Coach In The SEC

Going into the 2011 season, Alabama and LSU were projected — along with Oklahoma — to finish the year in the nation’s Top 3.  Alabama had more veterans.  LSU was young.  But both lived up to expectations.  Oklahoma?  Not so much.

In the end, Bama claimed the BCS crown and now Nick Saban has won the Bobby Bowden Coach of the Year Award as well.  But in this writer’s opinion, the award should have gone to Miles instead.

Before a few of you Tide fans start with your nonsensical “you hate Bama” rants, do a quick search of this site and you’ll find where I have on many occasions stated that Saban is flat-out the best coach in the country.  Football or basketball.  If I’m an AD, he’s the guy I offer millions upon millions of dollars.

But Miles’ body of work in 2011 was better than Saban’s.  Miles dealt with injuries, suspensions, off-field issues, a coordinator who had to switch roles with another coach a month before the season due to illness and more.  He faced a tougher schedule and he went into Tuscaloosa and beat Saban head-to-head on his home field.

In any other year, that would have been that.  But that’s where Saban got lucky… and a horseshoe fell on Miles’ head.  Oklahoma State was destined to meet the Tigers in the BCS title game until they lost in overtime at Iowa State.  Bama — thanks to Saban’s fine job of keeping his team focused post-LSU loss — got a second chance against LSU in the national title game.

We all saw the result.  It was not Miles’ best evening.

Still, from start to finish, Miles did a better job than Saban in 2012.  Saban’s team won the title belt and he gets another ring which is richly deserved.  But Miles did the best coaching job overall.  One bad night in a rematch game shouldn’t erase the ridiculously good job he did all season long.


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