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Report: Martin To Carolina A Done Deal

According to the Twitter account of Kansas City Star reporter Kellis Robinett, Frank Martin to South Carolina is happening:

“Source close to Frank Martin just told me Martin has agreed in principle to become South Carolina’s coach.  Press conference tomorrow.”

And if it’s on Twitter, it’s gold, Jerry, gold.  In this case, it might actually be correct. also says the deal’s done (behind a paywall).  Ditto Columbia’s newspaper The State (also behind a blankin’ paywall).

Now granted it took Martin getting steamed at his Kansas State boss to make it happen.  And, no, Martin has never built a program, he’s just sustained one.  And, yes, he did just admit on national TV yesterday that he has sent money to players at other schools.

But this is a big splash hire for AD Eric Hyman.  South Carolina basketball now has credibility, something it’s lacked since the school grabbed Dave Odom from Wake Forest (and hopefully for Cock fans this one will turn out better than that hire did).

Make no mistake, Carolina just got serious about basketball.  Toss all those caveats and “yeah, buts” we mentioned earlier out the window.  The school’s AD just put a whole lot more fannies in his arena’s seats next season.

In the end, that’s what it’s all about for athletic directors.  And if Martin can bring Carolina the consistent success its so long lusted after, then the Colonial Life Arena should be packed for a good while to come.

Big hire.

(Sidenote — Last one outta the Big 12 please remember to turn off the lights.)



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