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Ex-USC QB Garcia Talks About His Dismissal recently caught up with the most suspended-reinstated-suspended-reinstated-dismissed player in SEC football history: former South Carolina quarterback Stephen Garcia.  You can find the full article right here, but here’s an excerpt in which he talks about how losing his grandfather and a bad game against Auburn led to his dismissal from the Gamecock football team:


“I hate to use that as an excuse, but it was pretty rough.  It was a tough few days, a tough week and then on top of it we lose.  It was just a culmination of things that ultimately led to a poor judgement choice…

When I got called for the test and had to go in there, I was honestly kind of surprised.  I was like ‘Are we still doing this?’  I just thought to myself, ‘Man, this is not going to be good.’  Later on in the week, I got the call to meet the AD (Eric Hyman) and he told me that I wasn’t part of the team, or whatever else he said, I honestly just kind of blacked out as he was talking.  I just couldn’t believe that my career at South Carolina was over.  After everything that I’ve been through and everything that I’ve done, that was it.  I twas so bad the way it ended.”


Timing also played a role in Garcia’s eventual downfall.  He was “kind of surprised” about the test because he hadn’t been given one in a while.


“The thing about that is, I had to take an alcohol test once every week and it was at random from April throughout the summer.  So I would do that once every week from April until the start of fall practice or the first day of camp.  We agreed that if I fulfilled my end of the contract that we would re-structure the agreement — that was what we called it.  But that never happened.  I didn’t get drug tested for probably a month and a half.  It was from fall camp until the Auburn game, which was the only time I had gotten tested.  It was pretty weird that of all weeks, it was that one.  But either way it still doesn’t make it right that I chose to make those decisions.”



Good grief, this guy was given more chances to come back to life than Jason Voorhies. If he wasn’t a talented QB, he would’ve been out the door long ago. The sad thing is that if he hasn’t learned his lesson by now, he probably never will.


This kid's head is so far away from where it needs to be that it's not even funny. He thought he could go back to doing drugs because he hadn't been tested in a while, and then gets upset when he was tested after the Auburn game? Guess what, buddy, you should pass every test or not be on the team period. Quit whining over it being after a bad game.

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