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BJ Young Named SEC’s “Mr. Offense” By

At, we’re not big on awards.  Bias can play a role in who votes for whom.  Can an MVP be only a great team or can someone be MVP on a rotten squad?

For those reasons and more, we turn to statistics to help decide who’s the best at what they do.  And today, we look at the most productive offensive players in the SEC this season.

There were exactly 100 SEC basketball players who played at least 300 minutes this season.  We went through all of their stats — and we’ll do the same with defense tomorrow — to find which players were the most productive offensively.

Our formula?  We looked at the three big pluses a player could contribute to his team on offense: points scored, assists dished out, and offensive rebounds grabbed.  We took those stats and added them together.  Then we compared them to the number of minutes played by each SEC player in 2011-12.

Below are the SEC’s top 20 players in terms of offensive production by minute.  At the top of the list: Arkansas freshman BJ Young.  Mike Anderson couldn’t land him at Missouri, but he’s sure glad now that John Pelphrey coaxed him to Arkansas.

The St. Louis native averaged 15.3 points per game, 2.3 assists per game and 3.1 rebounds (total, not just offensive) per game or the Razorbacks in his first season.  Not a bad debut.  And compared to his minutes played, Young made an offensive contribution to his team .734 times per minute.  That was the best number in the SEC.  By far.

Here’s the full top 20 for offensive production:

Player Minutes Off. Rebounds Assists Points Total Positive Plays Per Minute
1. BJ Young (Ark) 782 29 70 475 574 .734
2.  J. Taylor (VU) 1005 71 57 531 659 .655
3.  J. Jenkins (VU) 1009 15 34 601 650 .644
4.  J. Green (Ala) 661 59 40 317 416 .629
5.  K. Boynton (UF) 983 19 77 521 617 .627
5.  D. Nelson (UM)* 301 6 20 163 189 .627
7.  G. Robinson (UGA) 910 21 108 428 557 .612
8.  D. Bost (MSU) 1109 17 164 490 671 .605
9.  J. Maymon (UT) 861 87 37 391 515 .598
10.  A. Moultrie (MSU) 985 105 32 451 588 .596
11.  A. Davis (UK) 969 92 26 446 564 .582
11.  T. Golden (UT) 987 18 141 416 575 .582
13.  J. Hamilton (LSU) 895 100 28 391 519 .579
14.  T. Jones (UK) 821 71 39 358 468 .570
15.  E. Walker (UF) 969 17 147 385 549 .566
16.  M. Rosario (UF) 387 9 28 181 218 .563
17.  S. Warren (LSU) 573 57 16 242 315 .549
18.  J. O’Bryant (LSU) 531 75 9 207 291 .548
18.  F. Ezeli (VU) 481 45 6 213 264 .548
20.  P. Young (UF) 815 81 37 325 443 .543

(* Dundrecous Nelson was dismissed from the Ole Miss team in early-January.)

The stats have been double- and triple-checked, but it’s certainly possible that a digit has been flipped or flopped during transcription.  Them’s a lotta numbers for me to type.  If you see a typo, just let me know.

As stated above, we’ll dig into the defensive numbers tomorrow.  But congrats to BJ Young and all the players in our Top 20.  No one made more positive things happen on the offensive end of the floor than those guys.


Jeff Claiborne
Jeff Claiborne

This whole thing is silly.  An offensive rebound isn't worth the same as a point.  It  doesn't take turnovers into account.   Shouldn't a turnover equal a negative point.  Silly.


This is like the debate for the baseball Hall Of Fame. Does average per year (or minute) stats count more than gross totals. Is a guy who has the best average per minute more valuable than a guy who has more total stats yet played more minutes? I think I'd take the guy who can play at a very high level for the most minutes vs. the best per minute average. But that's just me.




But the math doesn't exactly work. The way this calculation is done I can make 1 real, game-action play, which could be a individual three-point basket for example, and it counts as three PLAYS in this formula by virtue as showing up as three points in my point total.  


Three made free throws does not equal three offensive rebounds, if I'm a coach....However, it does in this ranking system.... I'm thinking that the guy who gets three offensive rebounds in three minutes is often times a far more valuable player than the guy who makes one three pointer in minute one but who does nothing the other two minutes...


 @chrismd True, but in the end, POINTS win games. The team with the most points wins. Not the teams with the most offensive rebounds or most assists (though these often lead to points). Thus, a 3-pointer every 3 minutes is the only sure thing to be worth some points. Five offensive rebounds in one possession doesn't always mean points.

MoKelly 1 Like

 @Fayettechill14  @chrismd I thought you HAD to score to get an assist? So, don't assists ALWAYS lead to points?


 @MoKelly  @chrismd True, but less than half of points are scored by an assist. And at the end of the day, the team with the most assists doesn't always win.


Congrats to BJ. He's a freak. Arkansas' 2012 success will clearly depend on our ability to get more scorers besides BJ and the usually inconsistent shooter Mardracus Wade. Some rebounding would help too, but I'm very excited for the future of Razorback basketball.


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