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A&M Sells Out Season Tickets

First things first — Yes, we’ll soon be adding team pages for Missouri and Texas A&M.  Technically, the schools won’t join the SEC until this summer, but we should have their pages and buttons up sometime in the next few weeks.

And now, on with the story… which is that Texas A&M has sold out its supply of season tickets for 2012.  According to The Bryan-College Station Eagle, this “likely means the Aggies will fill Kyle Field with season ticket holders for the first time since the stadium was expanded in the late 1990s.”

A&M’s VP of marketing and communications says: “Since the discussions began with the SEC, the fan interest has increased substantially to where we are not only looking at renovation but also how we can expand the stadium to accommodate the increased interest from our fan and the increase in SEC fans that will be coming to Kyle Field each fall.”

As we noted way back in May of 2010, Texas A&M is a perfect SEC fit.  The school is a big state school located in a rural area.  The local college sports teams are the main draw in the area.  With the exception of Vanderbilt, that pretty much sums up every other SEC school except new addition Missouri — which will always due battle with the St. Louis Cardinals in their baseball-crazy state.

A&M’s ticket sales just further prove that both the SEC and the school made a smart move in marrying.

This fall, the Aggies will host Florida, Arkansas, LSU and Missouri from inside its new conference.



The Bryan Eagle's story was really poor.  Since current season ticket holders were not included, or the 6000 tickets for opponents or student tickets, the "allotment" that sold out could have been 100 tickets for all we know...and certainly not 82000 as the story suggests.  Simply awful reporting by the Bryan paper.  The SID at A&M must be quite tickled they fell for it.  I have no doubt interest is high at A&M and Mizzou and both are quite pleased to be joining; however, this story is pretty hollow.


The story is not hollow at all.  This is not rocket science.  By conference mandate, 6,000 tickets are reserved for the SEC visitor.  Right at 32,000 tickets are reserved for current students, which historically always sell out.  The remaining tickets are season ticket holders. As of right now, every seat in the house is sold.  The only way that changes is if 2011 season ticket holders do not renew by June 1, which is unlikely.  And to the extent they don't, those will be scooped up quickly.   And for the record, Kyle Field has had over 90,000 people in for a game with seats added around the track on the sidelines with 88 to 89,000 being fairly common for more well known opponents, which was rare in the pathetic Big 12.  Those days will be much more common place in the SEC.  Where in the story did it say 82,000 tickets were sold in an hour?  Your reading comprehension suggest you might have gone to one of the Big 12's glorified community colleges, like Texas Tech, Baylor, OSU, etc., and your jealousy is showing.  Maybe someday Big Daddy Longwhorn will give you permission to leave?


It is true that Missouri (and especially STL) love the Cardinals more than anyother sports franchise. The Cardinals will always generate more interest than Mizzou. The Cardinals, after all, are the 2nd most significant and successful baseball team in Major League history and the single most successful baseball team in the history of the National League. That is tough to overcome. However, there is room for BOTH the Cardinals and Mizzou and BOTH can have extremely successful fan followings. MIzzou will rachet up even another notch once the Rams leave STL.

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