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A.D. Stricklin Still Mum On Stansbury’s Future At MSU

Why do we say that questions swirl?  We don’t say they’re spinning or floating or buzzing.  Questions always seem to swirl. 

Just wondering.

‘Cause questions continue to swirl in Starkville today.  Mississippi State AD Scott Stricklin wouldn’t return messages from the Magnolia State media yesterday as most of the state’s talk show callers dialed up their favorite programs and called for Rick Stansbury’s ouster.

The coach — who as we told you yesterday is the most successful coach in MSU history — has two year’s remaining on a deal that stands to pay him at least $1.3 million per season.

Yet Brad Locke of The Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal writes that “fan outcry against Stansbury is the loudest I’ve ever heard it, and fans made a statement Tuesday by not showing up — a season-low 2,507, turned out” for the NIT opener (and closer, as it turned out) with UMass.

For all the talk of power brokers and big money boosters and good ol’ boy networks, in the end, it’s the fans that ultimately decide coaches’ fates.  If enough fans stop buying tickets, stop paying for parking spots, stop buying popcorn and Cokes, and stop making donations, a program’s revenue stream eventually runs dry enough that the administration must take action.  Whether it really wants to or not.

So one of those questions swirling around Starkville today — Is the revenue stream drying up so quickly at State that Stricklin will be motivated to blow up the best basketball coach his school has ever had?


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