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Welcome To The Big 12: TCU Drug Bust Nets Some Footballers

For the past few months, Big 12 officials have been trying to convince the world that they’d actually improved their league by replacing Texas A&M and Missouri (major combined media markets and AAU-member schools) with TCU and West Virginia respectively.  Wonder how happy interim commish Chuck Neinas is today with the news that a major drug bust has resulted in the arrests of 17 students and our Horned Frog football players at Texas Christian?

The six-month sting operation caught students selling marijuana, cocaine, Ecstasy and prescription drugs.  Yikes.

Ultimately, we’re talking about four members of an 85-man football squad.  It’s 17 students on a campus of 9,500-plus.  And to be honest, this kind of thing could have happened at any institution… including Mizzou, A&M or any other SEC school.

But it didn’t.  It happened at TCU.  It happened on the campus of the Big 12′s shiny, new toy.  It happened at the school that’s supposed to be the perfect replacement — the perfect upgrade! — to Texas A&M.

Nope.  Neinas probably isn’t too pleased to see this story in the day’s news cycle.  Not at all.



The fact the Big 12 has had an interim commissioner for so long tells me all I need to know about how the Big 12 is managed.


Why does the SEC continue to bash the Big 12 and WVU. Sorry, but WVU and TCU have better records and reputations than Texas AM and Missu do.. Zillions of WVU fans came to this site and pointed out why WVU is a perfect SEC fit. Issues such as: Culture, Music, Food, and Land Grant Institution were pointed out. One of your own, John Adams, spoke of the high value of WVU, but his fine column fell on deaf ears. Please SEC, wish WVU and it's home grown $22 million business and national reputation the best, even if you have issues with them. Let's be honest, the Big 12 improved greatly!!! Please read this again

Thanks for your time.


@RedThompson My guess is "zillions" of fans did not come to this site. Exaggeration does not help your points. The Big 12 continues to be a Group of schools who are there because they have no better place to go. Look at a map --- WVU doesn't even touch another Big 12 state.


According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram...TCU football coach Gary Patterson sprung a surprise drug test on the football team on Feb. 1, National Signing Day, and that [linebacker Tanner] Brock later told an undercover officer that there "would be about 60 people being screwed" as a result of the test. Brock, the team's leading tackler during the Frogs' 13-0 Rose Bowl season, was injured in 2011.

Sources told the Star-Telegram that Patterson ordered the drug test after a prize recruit told him that he would not attend TCU because of drug use by players.

TCU has not released results of any drug tests, but [cornerback Devin] Johnson told an undercover officer that 82 players failed, the documents say.

Read more here:


Please do not be naive enough to think that "Only 17 students are involved." Merely 17 students were captured in this 6 month investigation. I am amazed that it took 6 months to figure out drugs were at TCU. please stop denying the amount of drugs available to every person on the planet. TCU made no attempts to stop this any more than any other campus it just became such an Elephant in the living room they HAD to do something! AKA: the Whitney Houston affect or any other celebrity you would like to hang on the moment. I was at an RV dealership yesterday that looked like the Drug Lords are laundering cash through there every day. 2 brand new corvettes, a new camaro, a new dodge heavy duty truck and 30 low priced used RV's with cheap enough tickets to move them two a day. The Drug Lords are paying for the educations of their children who open businesses. The trickle down effect! It will be a night mare some day when the true war break out...

ProudTCUStudent 1 Like

So drug test other teams or campuses and tell me the TRUE results. TCU made an effort to stop illegal activity while other school's just ignore it's existence. If integrity is given this kind of response by the public how can we really wonder why society is so corrupt today? Instead of focusing on the mistakes of 17 students why don't you focus on the thousands of other students doing so many things right.


The world is a Real Place.. Do not invoke the name of God and think you are going to be away from the worldly behaviors. You can not buy behaviors.


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