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Slive Tries To Slow The BCS-To-Playoff Speculation

The Big Ten has a four-team plan with the national semifinals being played in on-campus stadiums.  Georgia president Michael Adams says an eight-team playoff might be in the offing.

SEC commissioner Mike Slive says… slow down.

Speaking in Nashville yesterday, Slive went in 180 degrees the opposite direction of UGA’s prez when he said:

“Really a lot of this discussion is premature, and I want to respect the process that we’re in… What would (a new system) look like and whether it’s actually going to happen, all of that is premature.  I think we need the time to sit down and analyze it.  We need time to take ideas back to our respective conferences and… a decision to be made sometime later this year as we being to talk about the… next format.”

As we noted earlier today, we believe there will be resistance to a no-playoff to eight-team-playoff jump.  It’s far more likely — at least in our view — that a four-team, seeded Plus One will be the answer.

Consider the Big Ten and Pac-12.  The idea to bid out the championship game site each year protects the tradition of the Rose Bowl.  It would not be part of a rotation which would cast one or both leagues out once every four years (as is currently the case).

How would those leagues feel about an eight-team playoff that might invite two schools (or maybe even three) from those leagues… thus leaving the Rose Bowl as Pac-12 #2 versus Big Ten #3 or even #4?

The safe money is on a four-game plan.  Even though Slive would probably say that we’re jumping the gun by going that far.

On a sidenote, the commissioner confirmed what we’ve been saying for a while: The SEC isn’t looking to go to 16 schools anytime soon.

“We’re at 14,” Slive said.  “It’s going to take us time to absorb.  I don’t know if you realize how difficult it is to take two institutions and move them into 12 other institutions whether it’s scheduling or the way we’re working together.  So we have our hands full for now.”

At least until the landscape changes elsewhere.

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I would really like to see them just go back to the traditional bowls and then just have a plus one after that. There are really only 4 Bowls that could supply a champion. On Average, one of those 4 will be irrelavant, one of those will have an upset and that leaves the two others to play in the championship.

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