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Meyer Takes SEC Methods To Big Ten; Bielema Ticked

It seems Urban Meyer has taken a little something with him from Florida to Ohio State — his recruiting tactics.  Wisconsin’s Bret Bielema and Michigan State’s Mark Dantonio aren’t happy that Meyer broke a Big Ten gentleman’s agreement not to recruit prospects who are already committed to other Big Ten schools.  As you know, nothing close to that type of agreement exists in the no-holds-barred SEC.

Bielema has also hinted that Meyer might be employing other over-the-line tactics, but he wouldn’t go into specifics.  But with regards to trying flip commits, he said:

“I can tell you this, we at the Big Ten don’t want to be like the SEC — in any way, shape or form.”

Fair enough.  Then just keep losing your January bowl games, Bret.

As for Meyer, he doesn’t sound like he’s going to be changing his methods even if Bielema tattles to commissioner Jim Delany.

“If they’re interested, absolutely (you recruit other school’s commits) — especially from your home state.  Is it gratifying to take a guy from another school?  Not at all.”

Did anyone else’s BS alert go off over that last line?



IF Urban Mayer had been at Ohio State from the beginning of this past recruiting cycle maybe the other B1G coaches would have a fair argument. But how can you say its fair to limit a coach who has only 3 months to put a staff and class together for flipping recruits when they probably wouldn't have been committed to other schools if he had been there all along.


The Big 10's "holier than thou" attitude on this subject does not sit right with me. The supposed gentleman's agreement on recruits smells to me like laziness and lack of passion.


@MoKelly I agree. Bielema is a hypocrite. If you remember the 2010 season. Bielema put up 80 points on Indiana and was running up the score on his 'weaker' B1G opponents just to keep Wisconsin in the voters minds. So much for a 'gentleman's' agreement there Bret. The rest of the B1G sure tried to 'flip' Ohio State recruits this past year. Michigan flipped Kyle Kalis who was previously commited to Ohio State. The rest of the B1G needs to quit whining.


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