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The Drums Start To Beat For A Split National Title

The winner of the BCS Championship Game will win the BCS championship. 


If that’s LSU, then the Tigers will claim that prize right along with the AP national title as well.  They’ve already finished a rugged regular season with a 13-0 record, after all.

But if LSU loses to Alabama, expect many to push for the Tigers to win the AP’s crown.  After all — it will be argued — they beat Bama in Tuscaloosa during the regular season and their body of work will still be stronger than the Tide’s even with a loss in the rematch game.

Don’t believe some will angle to split the title?  Just check out the open to the Associated Press story from last night’s Fiesta Bowl:

“The BCS system left Oklahoma State bitter.

After a thrilling win in the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, the Cowboys have a chance to throw a stick in the spokes.

Surviving a missed field goal at the end of regulations and getting a big kick of its own in overtime, No. 3 Oklahoma State opened the door for the chance at a split national championship with a wildly entertaining 41-38 win over No. 4 Stanford on Monday night.

‘We feel like we could beat anyone in the country,’ Cowboys receiver Colton Chelf said.”

Personally, we don’t think OSU has a legitimate shot at grabbing a share at the title.  If LSU loses, most voters looking to split the crown will compare the two teams’ schedules and side with the gang from the Bayou.

But if the above comments regarding the Cowboys are any indication, there will be some who’ll look to slide LSU past Alabama in the AP.  So long as the Tigers aren’t blown out of the Superdome.

Now, Bama fans will scream that that’s not fair — trust me, they have been doing just that for a month — and LSU fans will say oh-yes-it-is-100-percent fair, but both groups would take the complete opposite views if the roles were reversed.  In other words, the backers of the teams don’t matter.  Only the AP voters matter.

And the fact is… whoever wins the BCS Championship Game will be guaranteed the crystal football and nothing more.  If LSU loses in the title game, expect some voters — possibly many — to cast their votes for the Tigers in the AP balloting.  If there’s a push for Oklahoma State, you can bet there will be a bigger push for LSU.

Like it or not.

UPDATE — The Birmingham News polled 20 of the 60 AP voters and found that a majority of the 20 will vote the winner of the BCS Championship Game as the AP’s #1 team, too.  Some, however, admitted that they would consider voting for LSU even if the Tigers lose to the Tide.



"Some, however, admitted that they would consider voting for LSU even if the Tigers lose to the Tide." That is so freaking stupid. It doesn't matter who is playing in the BCS National Championship game ... whoever wins the "championship game" is the "champion." End of story. If you aren't going to give the championship to the victor, the why the hell would you even have the game?

John at MrSEC
John at MrSEC moderator


The NCAA doesn't recognize a true college football national champion. There is no NCAA-sanctioned game for that. That's the issue. That's why doors are left open for all kinds of polls and rankings (which is how Alabama ran up some of those 13 national crowns, by the way).

The BCS conferences got together and cooked up the BCS. The little guys went along for a piece of the cash pie. But sadly, until the NCAA creates some form of championship game or tournament -- which it has any every other sport at every other level, there will always be the possibility of a split title.

I'm not saying I'm for it... I'm just explaining why it's a possibility.

Thanks for reading,



@John at MrSEC no doubt. I understand your stance of neutrality. Lets just play a little game of "what if" .If the tables were flipped and we beat LSU at home on November 5th, and we had the rematch for the National Championship and LSU beat us in the rematch ... in my mind that would make LSU the NC despite the fact that Alabama would have won during the regular season matchup. Anywho, the SEC is going to have another BCS Champion no matter who wins. Let us celebrate being in the greatest conference in college football!!!

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