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Peters Switches Commitment From Tennessee To Arkansas

Linebacker Otha Peters from Covington (La.) High School has switched his commitment from Tennessee to Arkansas.

Peters made the decision after taking an official visit to Arkansas last weekend, according to Covington coach Malter Scobel. Peters had been committed to Tennessee since July.

Questions about stability and the future of head coach Derek Dooley at Tennessee worked against the Vols, Scobel told the New Orleans Times-Picayune.

“Otha had some valid reasons to make his change,” Scobel said. “It wasn’t anything silly. Tennessee’s up against a different challenge than they are in Arkansas. Otha was very straightforward with Tennessee about the decision, and I think they still would like to have him.”

And Tennessee will continue to fight for Peters, who would be the third linebacker in the last month to decommit from the Vols. Dalton Santos recently switched to Texas and Khalid Henderson is considering Kentucky and Ole Miss after Tennessee recommended he look elsewhere in December.

The decision to tell Henderson to look elsewhere would look to be a mistake in hindsight. The Vols have offered a scholarship to Jacksonville, Fla., linebacker Kenneth Bynum, who is committed to Cincinnati.

Peters is the second linebacker to commit to Arkansas in the last week.

Vin Ascolese from North Bergen, N.J., committed to the Razorbacks during the weekend. A.J. Turner from Lepanto, Ark., has been committed to Arkansas since April.

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Arkansas, had one good year, big deal. If Peters believes the BS he was being fed, then that is his decision. Arkansas better enjoy it while they can, because UT and CDD will be back......starting 2012 and these recuits will be crying to their moms on how big a jerk they were to flip to a bunch of lieing hogs. The only reason Arkansas or any other bottom dewelling team is the SEC is enjoying this ride is because UT went through these coaching changes and nothing else. UT has had your number for years......since your stumble in 1998........where is your NC trophy? don't have one. You will never, ever build a program that will exceed UT's history of coming back and laughing at you in a shorter time it took you to higher the lieing sack of......Petrino.

Go Vols!


I hope TN fans are seeing what effect it has when you are calling for your coach's head after two years. Not smart. If Dooley is gone after next year, That will mean 4 coaches in 6 years. With rare exceptions, that sets a program back 10-15 years.


Terrible decision from this kid who was comitted to UT for so long and they stood by him, they didnt mind their verbal commits taking other visits and they told them so. He just lost immediate playing time more than likely cause UT needs the kids and depth. UT will be back on the national scene with or without dooley, the program is bigger than one head coach. I dont see arkansas winning a national championship or sec championship for that matter. If I was UT I would not try to get him back, be done with it.


Wooooo pig! This honestly may be a bigger get than DGB in terms of what we need on the field during the next couple years. Sure, DGB is a program-defining guy, but a LB that can play immediately is huge for us.


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