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Dyer’s Status At Auburn Still In Question

There’s a vacuum when it comes to true news on the status of Auburn tailback Mike Dyer.  Last week, a pair of Arkansas State players welcomed him to Jonesboro via social media.  Then Gene Chizik announced that Dyer’s status on the Plains was unchanged suggesting that he was still not currently part of the team — due to indefinite suspension — but was not dismissed from the team, either.

There have been plenty of rumors since, but no hard facts. 

Kevin Scarbinsky of The Birmingham News believes Auburn’s decision to nix Dyer from its bowl media guide and some end o’ the year highlight videos give you a good clue that he may be done with the Tigers.

Chris Bahn of states that there’s been no new information out of the Arkansas State camp.

For now — after talking to several people around the Auburn program — it sounds to us at like more people expect Dyer to be elsewhere in 2012.  And that likely means with Gus Malzahn in Jonesboro.

But even those close to the situation are being tight-lipped.  So until Chizik announces a change, we really can’t do much more than speculate.  Even if everyone seems to be drawing the same conclusions.



lol, you guys will be crying to your graves about Auburn paying Cam so Alabama didn't really lose in 2010 and bama had better stats anyway so they really won the game......Yet you refuse to even entertain the notion that the REC furnishes vehicles and housing for families, finds ways for the players to recieve money selling autographed items, at least the bookstore scheme was uncovered.....".Everybody cheats except Alabama" is your school cry and you really believe it

Alan Pavon
Alan Pavon

Maybe Cam Newton will let him carry his bags or be his cheufer next semester. Or may Cam's Father will hire him to clean the church. The NCAA actually believed "Cam-The-Scam" when he told them he NOTHING about his father shopping him around. Really!!!??? And OJ didn't kill Nicole and Ron either. And people wonder why the NCAA gets such a bad rep......I hope all of

Dyer's credits transfer to Arky St. Academically, it's a much stronger school than Auburn anyway.......

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