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Calipari Thinks UK’s Getting Jobbed On Charge Calls

Ask a fan of any SEC school south of Lexington which team gets all the calls and they’ll likely tell you Kentucky.  In the past, we’ve tracked foul calls in the SEC and UK opponents should not really expect to get the short end of the stick.  It’s a myth.

In fact, John Calipari thinks the officials might be going a little tough on his Wildcats on charging calls:

“Teams, right now, are saying when they’re running to the rim, throw a body in there and hope it’s a charge, and not a block.  Now, 98% of them are being called charges.  I don’t think we’ve (drawn) three… all year…

Either these guys — when we leave our feet — are unbelievably quick to get into position or some of them should be blocks.”

As The Lexington Herald-Leader points out, UK has been called for charging 39 times but they’ve only drawn nine such calls.  That is quite the disparity.



  1. [...] Yesterday we told you that Kentucky’s John Calipari was upset with the way officials were handling block/charge calls in Wildcat games.  For the season, UK has gotten nine charge calls to go their way… while they’ve been whistled for charging 39 times.  No wonder the coach was upset:“If I’m in the act of shooting, but I haven’t left my feet, can (the defender) then slide in there,” Calipari asked.  “Because that’s what they’re doing.”Well, uh, yeah.  The defender can.Speaking to The Lexington Herald-Leader yesterday, John Adams — the NCAA national men’s basketball officiating coordinator — said what Coach Cal described could be “a legal defender.”“Most people will tell you, ‘He was moving!’  It’s irrelevant. … There’s no standard of being set at the time of the contact. …To draw a charge, all a defender has to do is face his opponent (and) have both feet on the floor for an instant.  After which, he can move to maintain legal guarding position.”According to Adams, the defender can move left, right or backward depending on the movement of the ball-handler.  He cannot, however, move forward into the man with the ball.  Adams has more to say about the block/charge call here… and it’s an interesting read.  But regardless of the rule itself we still believe that when a block/charge goes in your team’s favor it’s a good call.  When it goes against your team, it’s bad call.  Pretty simple in our view. [...]

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