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Calipari Says #1 Kentucky Might “Need A Loss”

When you’re gliding through the third month of the regular season with but one loss on your resume, it’s easy to say, “We could use a loss.”  Fact is, that’s pretty much just what John Calipari said yesterday.  And here’s guessing guys like Darrin Horn, Mark Fox and Cuonzo Martin aren’t too moved by Coach Cal’s “troubles.”

“We probably need a loss.  So we’ll come together and say, ‘We’re not losing like this.’  In other words, getting manhandled.  ‘That’s enough!’…

My thing is, let’s take one on the chin.  Now, what’s (the team) going to do?  Is (the team) going to say, ‘It’s OK.’  I don’t think they’ll say it’s OK.  That was my message. … IF this doesn’t start changing, we need to take a ‘L.’”

Kentucky’s coach is talking about his team’s tendency to get outmuscled at times.  But that probably won’t be an issue tonight at Georgia.  Granted, UK hasn’t looked good on the road this year — heck, no one ever looks good on the road anymore — but Fox’s Dawgs just don’t match up well with the Calipari’s Cats:

* Kentucky is first in the SEC in scoring offense, Georgia is last.

* Kentucky is first in the SEC in scoring margin, Georgia is last.

* Kentucky is first in the SEC in field goal percentage, Georgia is last.

* Kentucky is first in the SEC in field goal percentage defense, Georgia is last.

* Kentucky is first in the SEC in rebounding offense, Georgia is 11th.

* Kentucky is second in the SEC in rebounding defense, Georgia is 9th.

* Kentucky is first in the SEC in rebounding margin, Georgia is last.

* Kentucky is first in the SEC in blocked shots, Georgia is 11th.

Calipari’s “we need to take a ‘L’” talk is likely just a motivational tool for his team as it travels to meet an overmatched foe.  For if UK loses tonight, Georgia will have pulled — at least on paper — one of the biggest SEC upsets you’ll ever see.



I would like to nominate the Vols as victor, if Kentucky really wants to lose one, just saying!

Bubba Gump
Bubba Gump


When was the last time the SEC had #1 in MCBB and #1 in WCBB in the polls?

Outside of the SEC, who else has done this?

John at MrSEC
John at MrSEC moderator

Bubba Gump...

We only cover football and men's basketball here, but I'm guessing the SEC has done it with Kentucky and/or Florida at the top of the men's poll and Tennessee on top of the women's poll (just going by history of success). UConn has had the #1 team in both sports at the same time, I'm sure. Don't know about others.

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