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Calipari Not A Fan Of An 18-Game League Schedule

Now that the 2012 SEC football schedule has been unveiled, discussion will start to swirl around next season’s basketball schedule (as well as the new football plan to be launched in 2013).  Having just done away with divisions this season, the league is even considering a return to that in the future.

Most believe the league will expand its current 16-game conference slate whether divisions return or not.  Kentucky’s John Calipari is in the group that expects an 18-game schedule to be launched.  And if it’s 18, he doesn’t like it:

“We don’t get as many non-conference games.  You just added two Top 20 teams (to the SEC).  Missouri hasn’t lost a game.  Texas A&M, historically, you know what they’ve done in basketball.  We’ve just gotten stronger.

If you look at all the Top 25 programs right now, we’re playing one of those schedules.  Can you play all these road games, can you do all this stuff and add two Top 25s?  We’ve got to make decisions on our schedule and how we’re going to do this without overloading our players or putting the program in jeopardy.”

We understand where Calipari is coming from — coaches like having the ability to line up some pre-Christmas cupcakes.  Everyone does it.  But in this case, Coach Cal seems to be exaggerating the dangers of moving from 16 games to 18 (if that’s what the SEC eventually does).

“Can you play all these road games,” the coach asked.  Well, technically, each school would only add one road game.  Instead of playing eight league foes at home and eight on the road, in an 18-game world the split would be nine at home and nine away.  That’s hardly a backbreaker.

Oh, and the guy below?  He’s 18 and he does like it.


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