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BCS Title Game Observation 3: Wait’ll Next Year, SEC Haters

Bad news, SEC haters, but next year’s probably gonna look a whole lot like this past year. 

As noted earlier today, the SEC had teams finish #1, #2 and #5 in this year’s Top 5 of the AP Poll and the USA Today Coaches’ Poll.  Well, you can expect Alabama, LSU and Arkansas to be ranked in the Top 10 of next fall’s first preseason poll, too.

But you can also toss Georgia and South Carolina into that mix.  That’s right, it’s possible that the Southeastern Conference will have five Top 10 teams in the preseason polls.  (Updated due to sleepy writer omitting Carolina originally… my bad.)

At some point, the league’s string of six consecutive BCS crowns will end — the law of averages is bound to catch up with the league at some point — but you should still expect Mike Slive’s conference to be in the running for #7 next season.

Just a quick offshoot from that topic — the BCS commissioners will be getting together in New Orleans today to discuss possible changes to the BCS system.  It’s expected that a seeded, plus-one system will receive stronger consideration than ever before… mainly because other leagues weren’t happy about this year’s SEC versus SEC title game.

But if a plus-one system is created (after 2014) and the national rankings are used to determine the teams involved, has anyone considered the possibility of the SEC having three of the four highest-rated schools in the country? 

Don’t like an SEC-SEC title game?  Try three SEC teams out of four in a national semifinal setting.

It’s likely the commissioners would cap a league’s invites at two teams tops, but if not, it’s certainly possible for three teams from one conference to finish a season ranked in the Top 4.  LSU, Alabama and Arkansas were ranked 1-2-3 during the final week of the regular season in 2011.

Just sayin’.


John Bragg
John Bragg

Another reason an unseeded plus-one is more likely, perhaps with some rules to protect at-large bids. The SEC could send teams to the Sugar, Orange, Fiesta and Cotton, but they'd have to play someone from outside the SEC to advance to the NCG. Would that make an all-SEC final more palatable? Would there have been less grumbling about an LSU-Bama rematch if Bama had beaten OK STate last Monday?

Some Yahoo
Some Yahoo

I'd throw Carolina in that mix before Georgia, schedule aside.

John at MrSEC
John at MrSEC moderator

Some Yahoo...

I think Georgia's schedule will put them in the Top 10, but I whiffed on Carolina. Honest mistake and the Gamecocks have been added. I'm too sleepy to be writing.

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