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Arkansas Could Add Okie State Hoops Transfer

Arkansas appears to be on the verge of adding a former Oklahoma State guard to its roster for next season.  Fred Gulley transferred from OSU at midterm and has enrolled at UA in the hopes of joining Mike Anderson’s squad.

“I am going to continue playing basketball,” Gulley said.  “And I am going to continue playing here.” Currently, Gulley is waiting for NCAA clearance.  Asked if he’d added someone to his team, Anderson said yesterday, “Not that I know of.  Unless you know something I don’t know.”

If/when the NCAA — and Anderson — clear Gulley to join the Hogs, he’ll still have to wait a year to play due to NCAA transfer rules.  By moving at midterm, he would become eligible at Arkansas at next year’s midpoint. 

Gulley is a redshirt sophomore who started 26 games at Oklahoma State, averaging 18 minutes per game (and 4.0 points per game).  He is a former two-time Gatorade Player of the Year in Arkansas.

Cowboys coach Travis Ford said of Gulley in December: “Everybody wants 30 minutes and wants to be the guy.  I understand that.”


Fayettechill14 1 Like

Wheeeeeee more guards! I guess if he can shoot the midrange jumper then we'll take him!

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