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Annoying: “Repeat” Talk Starts The Second A Title Is Won

Of all the things in our microwave, fast food, gotta-have-it-now culture that bother this old grump, tops on the list is the inability to enjoy The Now.  The Now means little when The Next is always hanging out there, waiting to be conquered.

Oh, sure our desire to get “news” via Twitter may occasionally kill off a talented actor before he’s actually dead, but most of us know not to believe everything we read on Twitter.  (Unless you’re following at Twitter that is.)  So the Twitterification of the world isn’t my top gripe.

And while our “why not us right now” culture can lead some radio hosts to disrespect a coach that’s just had a helluva year only moments after his lone, heartbreaking loss of the season… that childishness isn’t tops on my list of complaints either.

For this writer, what’s more annoying than all of that instant gratification chasing is the immediate focus on the dessert of a “repeat” before the meal of a championship is fully digested or truly enjoyed. 

Cecil Hurt of tackled Alabama’s chances of repeating last evening.  He’s just one of hundreds of media folk who’ve moved from 2011 to 2012 at warp speed.  And they’ve got reason to speculate — fans began thinking about a repeat as soon as the final whistle blew on Bama’s win over LSU Monday night.  They want to read about how their team can do it again!

My suggestion for Tide fans?  Enjoy the title your team just won.  History shows a repeat is out of the question next year.

The last repeat champion in the SEC came way back in 1997-98.  And while it’s true this year’s Bama squad didn’t actually capture the SEC crown, it’s still a clear message that it’s not easy to stay on top of the football world when you’re in the SEC.

Matter of fact, since the BCS system was launched in 1998, no school has ever won back-to-back crowns.  Never.  Hasn’t happened.

So focus on Monday, enjoy Monday, Tide fans.  Forget 2012 for now.  There’s plenty of time to worry about next season in the spring and summer.

And if you’re reading this thinking, “yeah, but we’ve got McCarron back and…” then you’re missing the point.  Bama had so many people back in 2010 that everyone thought Nick Saban would go back-to-back then.  Didn’t happen.  Three losses did.

If you’re worrying about next year — and trying to argue that you’re team can win it all in January 2013 — you’re wasting time that could be spent reveling in a championship that’s already been won.  Celebrate that which exists.  Leave the speculation to the long, boring days of summer.



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