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SEC Championship Game Headlines 12/3/2011

1. LSU guard Will Blackwell: “If you grow up down here and you follow football long enough, you learn to love the conference and you understand that the best competition is within this conference.

2. Scott Rabalais: “The Tigers know they won’t get a chance to be called best all time if they don’t win the SEC Championship Game first.”

3. Dennis Dodd: Georgia “might be the most overlooked 10-2 squad in the grand and glorious history of this game. ”

4. Jeff Schultz: “Georgia may suddenly find itself in a position to flip the power structure in the conference.”

5. Keys to victory for the Tigers.

6. Georgia’s chances may ride on the arm of Aaron Murray.

7. The Bulldogs return to the scene of their worst loss of the season.

8. It’s No. 1 vs. No. 12 today.  Back in 2005 – it was No. 3 vs. No. 13 and the underdog won.

9. For Jarvis Jones, USC’s loss was Georgia’s gain.

10. No matter where the Tigers play, Les Miles needs his grass.

11. Mark Richt looks like he’s ready to escort Miles down the aisle.


Hog Fan
Hog Fan

Moot point, my friend. As predicted, GA was no match for LSU. 42-10. GA's defense did in fact give up 40 to LSU's 65th ranked offense.

Geoff McDorm
Geoff McDorm

John, do you think lsu and alabama both deserve to be in the national championship game if georgia wins today?

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