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Miscommunication Leads To Clemson Coach Ranting About Spurrier, Carolina

Think before you speak.

Act, don’t react.

Those are two lessons I’m still trying to learn at age 40.  Clemson’s Dabo Swinney is a couple of years older than me, but it’s pretty clear he’s still struggling with those wise rules, too.

Swinney unleashed a rant against South Carolina and Steve Spurrier yesterday because of a comment that had been attributed to the Gamecocks’ coach.  Only, Spurrier never made the comment in the first place.

Here’s a handy timeline of what transpired:

* Last weekend, South Carolina beat Clemson 34-13 to nail down the school’s third-straight win over its arch-rival… the first time in decades that that had happened.

* During the broadcast of that game former Cock quarterback and current play-by-play voice Todd Ellis said “As Coach Spurrier says, we may not be LSU or Alabama… but we ain’t Clemson, folks.”

* Someone in the football offices at Carolina heard the comment and took to the official Twitter feed @GamecockFB to send out the following message:

“‘We aren’t LSU, and we aren’t Alabama.  But we sure ain’t Clemson.’ — Steve Spurrier.”

* The problem?  Spurrier has often said that Carolina isn’t LSU or Alabama, but it was Ellis who added, “but we ain’t Clemson.”  “If I didn’t make it clear, then that’s regrettable.  He did not say that,” Ellis said post-furor.

* Spurrier says his daughter told him about the tweet and how it was making the rounds on Wednesday.  “I said, ‘Well, what do you want me to do?  I didn’t say it.”

* But when Swinney was asked about the quote yesterday, he sure wasn’t aware that Spurrier had never said that last part.  Here’s how he responded:

“I heard that.  That’s the kind of things that gets back to you, and I don’t know if he really said that or not, but I guess he did because there has been no rebuttal.  If he said that, that’s disappointing.  I was taught to win and lose with class.

I guess I’d have to say I agree with him.  If I had to say anything, he’s right.  They’re not Clemson.  They’re never going to be Clemson, to be honest with you.  No three-game win-streak is going to change that.  It’s not the first-time they’ve won three in a row.  It won’t be the last time.  It might be 50 more years, but it will probably happen again.

I’ve gone out of my way to be complimentary to them, complimentary to Coach Spurrier.  I’m going to defend my program.  I’m going to defend my players, my coaches.  I’m going to defense Clemson University, because I believe in it.  I think he’s exactly right.  They’re not Clemson.  They never will be.

You’re looking at the best era in the history of South Carolina football right now.  I think they just had heir second 10-win season.  They won a championship in 1969 and the 2010 SEC East.  This rivalry, there’s a lot of rivalries out there.  This is more of a domination.  And that’s a fact.  My kids’ grandkids won’t live long enough to see this ever really become a rivalry.  It is what it is.

Again, I’ve got respect for their program.  South Carolina’s not Clemson.  There’s a lot of differences.  This is a place that’s won a national title, 17 conference championships, two division titles.  Heck, we’ve won more bowl games than they’ve ever even been to.  I think our program has 100-plus more wins that South Carolina.  That’s reality.  That’s the best era they’ve had in 115 years of South Carolina football — right now.  And they’ve done a great job.  They’ve whipped our butt the last three years.  It’s my job to change that.

Coach Spurrier’s been there seven years.  After five years, I think he had 35 wins.  New contract, all that kind of stuff.  After five years and I have only 35 wins at Clemson, there’s going to be a new coach here.  You know what?  There should be, because there’s a different standard.  He’s exactly right.  They ain’t Alabama.  They ain’t LSU.  And they’re certainly not Clemson.

That’s why Carolina is in Chapel Hill and USC is in California.  The university in this state, always has been, always will be Clemson.  It’s right here in Clemson, South Carolina.  Print that.  Tweet that.  Whatever.”

Aw, snap.  So what did Spurrier say when asked about Swinney’s rant about a statement he reportedly didn’t make?

“I don’t know what he said, don’t even care really.  I am not getting into any verbal (altercations) with anybody….

That crap can happen.  They can stick quotes on you.  As long as the story gets straight, that’s fine with me.  I am not mad with anybody.  We have a good relationship with those guys, and it’s going to stay that way.”

Well that was a calm, cool response.  Good for Spurrier.  I’m surprised he didn’t take any kind of shot back at Swinney.

He what?  He said something else?

“Smart people don’t believe everything they read and they don’t believe hearsay. … I guess Dabo believed it.”


Ironically, the question was asked just last week in a Palmetto State newspaper if the Clemson-Carolina game should be moved to Thanksgiving in order to give the game a bit more pep.

Doesn’t look like that’ll be necessary at all.

Thanks to Twitter.

What a surprise.



Dabo, son -- you just failed the state pride test, son. To hell with university pride, state pride. Carolina is in Chapel "Heel" ??? Are you freaking crazy? The *original* USC is in Columbia, and that university, like Clemson University, represents the *original* Carolina -- whose capital was Charleston. Which means they are the only USC that *is* Carolina.

Why the Carolina Gamecocks have never used that type of language on their university PSA's played during football games is beyond me.

Steve has completely flipped that rivalry, and it will have lasting effects. And while that basketball school in the North State is more known nationally, and some media seem to not be able to comprehend that there's more than one Carolina in college athletics, that's changing too.

Go Gamecocks !!! Go SEC !!!


Dabo is throwing another tantrum. The kid can't conduct himself like an adult.


As a Tennessee fan we were much better off with Kiffin as our head coach... This idiot Dooley is the worst "on the field " coach ever !!!

Some Yahoo
Some Yahoo

Dabo correctly sited all that Carolina/Clemson history. Unfortunately, he isnt a part of any of it. Dabo has had his balls handed to him the last three years (contrary to all that historical greatness). So I submit that Dabo's coaching "isnt" very Clemson at all.


Yeah, Clemson has a superior history to South Carolina. Big deal. Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Auburn and LSU all had a superior history to Florida when Spurrier got there. What did Spurrier do? Change that history. Just like he is doing now at South Carolina. Here's the deal: Spurrier has finally made peace with the "run the football/play defense" style that he needs to win there. He's given up on going back to the fun-n-gun, and how is ready to play smashmouth football with Lattimore (and a couple of young RBs who played well when Lattimore was out) and Shaw, a dual threat QB (could anyone have imagined SPURRIER playing a QB that was more likely to rush for 100 yards than throw for 300?). Check out his current recruiting class: 5 OLs and a TE. Spurrier's figured that if he can't beat 'em in the SEC with the passing game, might as well join 'em.

And that is bad news for Clemson. Spurrier is making a new tradition at South Carolina just like he did at Florida, and he is willing to adopt a different style of play to get it done.


HoustonVol-- if you listen to the audio, it didn't sound as polished as it looks written.

Regardless, he just stepped over his own logic:
He implied that Spurrier didn't win in classy fashion, while his own team storms the field every time they win.

He bragged about his school's history over the Gamecocks and that it's his job to change the recent trend of USC being better--problem is when he came in, Clemson was dominating USC. Now it's the opposite, and Spurrier won an ACC title at DUKE, FYI, but Dabo hasn't been able to. Game over. Dabo will probably go to 1-4 against USC again next year. By his own logic, should he get fired?


Lol, the ole' ball coach just couldn't help himself.

Gamecock in ATL
Gamecock in ATL

Dabo is hilarious - and the more I watch him at Clemson, the more I realize that he is a fan in a coach's shoes. Those lines are things that fans say when they are hurt about losing. Just like when Gamecock fans talk about Clemson fans being rednecks, or GTech saying that UGA fans are dumb, or whatever. Fans say those things.

Head coaches on the other hand ... well, as someone once said, smart ones don't believe everything they hear.

Clemson fans should see Dabo for what he is - a fan. That's why he goes nuts (Howard Dean style) when they beat Auburn. That's why he jumps up and down and chest bumps. That's why he says random stuff. Heck, that's why he wears cheap Clemson sweatshirts on the sideline on national TV. He is a fan in a coach's job.

Please Clemson, keep Dabo there for a long, long time.


I think that Swinney' response was a great rivarly response in defendng your program and setting the expectations. He did not say anything that was untrue. It was a professional trash talk. There is nothing in there that Swinney would not say otherwise. It is probably in his recruiting speech that he gives in the living room to pitch against USCe. It sounded a bit polished to just be a off the cuff remark.


Correctly "sited"? Wow. How 'bout cited. I cited the dictionary on that one.


Give me a break. Spurrier won't be at SC long enough to "change history." And when he leaves, the "history" that he did start will have to be totally re-written by the next guy. There won't be a legacy. He's not that kind of a coach. There was no Spurrier stamp on Zook's Gators, like there was at LSU when Miles took over (and took to even greater heights, to his credit). But Saban built a PROGRAM at LSU, like he has at Alabama.
As great as Spurrier has been -- and he has been great in the SEC and for the SEC -- he won just one national championship, and that was in a rematch situation with FSU where he got help from other teams. Stallings, Meyer, Saban, Chizik all have taken teams to undisputed titles and Miles may do so this year (LSU got a lot of help late in 2007, and won with two losses, taking some of the purity out of it)...

Milo Moon
Milo Moon

I agree with you (HoustonVol is me, I just cannot post through facebook at work). The video was not a speech, and was not polished. However it did appear to be from the heart, and I could easily see him giving that talk in a recruit's living room. Especially if it is between CU and USCe.


Amen. Dabo's response was well said and appropriate given South Carolina's official twitter feed attributed it to Spurrier. Besides, there's nothing like a little in-state feuding to stoke the recruiting fires. Its all good. And in typical Spurrier style, he got the last laugh anyway by calling Dabo dumb (or stupid or whatever you consider the opposite of smart) without ever saying it. Great fuel. 60 more days until NSD


Swinney - just stated historical facts. It is not like he told a kid that if he goes to South Carolina he would spend the rest of his life pumping gas.

There is your Kiffin reference. ;-)


NO I have not seen the actual video. Cannot access video at work, so I have to go off of text.

Tradeassociate, where in my post did it refer to anything related to Kiffin? First, I never supported the firing of Fulmer. I objected to the hiring of Kiffin from day one, and his stunts embarrassed me as an alumni. For some strange reason, Kiffin felt that he need press, good or bad, in order to sell the UT program. He did not understand or appreciate the history of the program or the SEC. I am glad that he is gone. I laugh at those people that claim that there is some conspiracy to keep UT down. All of our issues are self inflicted and not due from another SEC program. I personally don't think that Bama, UF, LSU, etc. sit up at night worrying about the UT program except about how we are weakening their SOS.


have you seen the interview on youtube?
Go watch it and tell me if you still have the same opinion.
Dabo came across as a total idiot and as insecure as any head coach i have ever witnessed. Other than the hillbilly contingent that crawls out of their mountain shacks on gameday, Clemson fans have to be embarassed by him...a complete moron!


So ... you think that it is great that Swinney went off on Spurrier in response to something that Spurrier never said? The best (worst) part was when confronted the next day with the FACT that Spurrier never said it, Swinney chose to blame Spurrier for not disavowing the comment rather than himself for not checking to see if the comment was true. And even that was disingenuous, as Swinney acknowledged the possibility that Spurrier never said it before going on his rant in the first place! If you think that Swinney's statement was a positive for Swinney, Clemson or college football in any way, that is simply amazing. He is "defending his program ..." what program? Clemson hasn't done squad since Danny Ford left in 1989. They've fallen behind not only FSU and Miami in that time, but also Virginia Tech and arguably Georgia Tech. Does any high school recruit today even remember Clemson ever being a contender for ANYTHING? And need I remind you that CLEMSON IS PLAYING IN THE ACC TITLE GAME TOMORROW? (Not that anyone cares whether they win or lose ... South Carolina fans certainly don't.) THE LAST THING that Swinney needs to be doing is distracting himself and his team right now.

But hey, you're just glad that Swinney is acting like the knucklehead that you wish Fulmer had been. Look, it isn't as if the rest of the SEC hasn't forgotten how you guys LOVED Lane Kiffin's nonsense - to the point of claiming that there was this conspiracy on the part of Florida and Alabama to destroy Kiffin just to keep you Vols down - right up until Kiffin bolted for USC. So, it figures that Swinney's nonsense would be right up your alley.

Some Yahoo
Some Yahoo

Wow? Really, over a typo? Slow day. Thanks.


I would agree. It's not like Spurrier has never thrown a verbal job before.

None of this really matters. It's football and it's a rivalry. It's entertaining actually.

Some Yahoo
Some Yahoo

" I’m going to defense Clemson University, because I believe in it." We sure?


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