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Forbes Ranks College Football’s Most Valuable Teams

The financial magazine Forbes has put together it’s latest list of college football’s most valuable teams and — not surprisingly — the SEC is well represented.

The magazine used a four-pronged scoring system based on:

1.  The value of a team to its university
2.  The value to its athletic department
3.  The value to its conference
and 4. The value to its surrounding community

Like any list of this type, there’s plenty of room or debate (which is exactly what the good folks at Forbes want in the first place).

This year’s list?  Here goes…

1.  Texas — current value: $129 million
2.  Notre Dame — $112 million
3.  Penn State — $100 million (here’s guessing that’s drop a bit next year)
4.  LSU — $96 million
5.  Michigan — $94 million
6.  Alabama — $93 million
7.  Georgia — $90 million
8.  Arkansas — $89 million
9.  Auburn — $88 million
10.  Oklahoma — $87 million
11.  Florida — $86 million
12.  Tennessee — $82 million
13.  Ohio State — $78 million
14.  Nebraska — $77 million
15.  Wisconsin — $67 million
16.  South Carolina — $64 million
17.  Texas A&M — $63 million
18.  Southern Cal — $62 million
19.  Michigan State — $59 million
20.  Iowa — $48 million

Five of the top nine, seven of the top 12, and nine of the top 17 most “valuable” college football programs call the SEC home.  Impressive.



Take the two Little Rock home games and move them to Fayetteville and the Razorbacks move to #5 easily.

Geoff McDorm
Geoff McDorm

Wonder how the folks at aTm feel being told big brother Texas is twice as valuable as they are.


With this SEC move, expect A&M to move up that list over the next few years. I suspect this stat is one of the MANY reasons the Aggies left the Big 12 when they did. We will see how much it pays off over the next 5 years.


@Geoff McDorm If you subtract out the present value of the hyper-inflated $30M / year cash flow from ESPN going into Texas, the values are probably a lot closer.

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