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A Look Back At 2011:’s Most Read Stories Of The Year (Jan-June)

So what were SEC fans talking about in January of 2011?  In March?  In May and beyond?  We’ve gone back through our records and tallied up the most-read and linked-to stories from our site from each month of the year.  Below is the first half our year-in-review recap.  We’ll follow up with July through December tomorrow.  Until then, here are the most read stories from January through June:



1.  Final SEC Coaching Grades — Post-Bowl Edition

2.  Did Saban Break Rules By Visiting Recruit?

3.  Sex Sells — Or Doesn’t — At MSU

4.  UT’s Celebrations Drew Attention From NFL’ers

5.  Kanter Ruling Expected Today



1.  There Are Three Reasons Why The SEC Dominates In Football And They’re Not Going To Change

2.  Did AU’s Taylor Use Ex-Vol Wideout To Recruit For Auburn?

3.  Slive Didn’t Like Bama’s Fax-Cam Girl

4.  Radio Host Says Newton Tapes Are The Real Deal (and this one… It’s Time For Bond And Moore To Put Up Or Shut Up On The Newton Saga)

5.  Signing Day 2011 — The Final Rankings



1.  Pearl Didn’t Tell UT About Bump Rule Violation; School’s Support Wavering

2.  SEC Tournament Bracket Set

3.  Oregon Investigation Could Lead Back To The SEC

4.  Arkansas Search Expected To Start With Anderson, But…

5.  Under Pressure: The 15 SEC Figures With The Most To Worry About In 2011-12



1.  Auburn Writer Accuses Bama Of Paying Signee Calloway

2.  Calipari-NBA Rumors The Hot Topic In Kentucky (Again)

3.  Report: Auburn And Alabama Players Have Used Controversial Patches

4.  Want To Win An SEC Football Game?  Take Care Of The Football

5.  SEC Stat Analysis — Slow Grind (Defensive Efficiency)



1.  SEC Brag-O-Meter: The Best Programs Of The Past 8 Years

2.  Some AU Fans Are Angry Someone Wrote Something Nice About Bama

3.  Did Bin Laden Cost Florida A National Title?

4.  New Gator WR Story Likes Katy Perry, Doodoo

5.  SEC Brag-O-Meter: Football Over The 2000s (and this one… SEC Brag-O-Meter: Basketball Over The 2000s)



1.  Tide QB McCarron Has A Heckuva Tattoo On His Back

2.  LSU’s Jefferson Confuses Thomas Jefferson With George Jefferson

3.  Big 12 Applies More Duct Tape, But A&M To The SEC Will Still Happen.  Someday.

4.  UT Has An Opportunity To End A 20-Year Feud

5.  Kentucky Writer Notices That Bama’s Counting Saban’s Vacated Wins



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