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WVU Says It Will Be In The Big 12 (Meaning Missouri Will Be In The SEC) In 2012

Two weeks ago, on the heels of LSU topping Alabama in the Game of the Century, the SEC announced that Missouri would be joining the conference.

Since then… silence.  Rumors of negotiations and lawsuits have pretty much gone on the hush-hush.  Thankfully, the focus — for two weeks at least — has gone back to what’s happening on the field rather than what’s been happening off it.

Only that might be changing.

Yesterday, reported that West Virginia officials have assured the Big 12 that their school will play in the Big 12 in 2012 despite back-and-forth lawsuits between the school and the Big East.  The Big East — WVU’s current home — is trying to hold the school to its contractually obligated 27-month waiting period.

Big 12 interim commissioner Chuck Neinas told CBS’ Dennis Dodd, “There’s ways to do it (exit the Big East), and West Virginia is prepared to do it.”

Meanwhile, Missouri is still trying to extricate itself from the Big 12.  The quicker WVU officially becomes a Big 12 school, the sooner Mizzou can enter the SEC.

Neinas is reportedly still upset that MU went from being a “loyal member” of the Big 12 to an SEC school in 45 days.  (Just as TCU went from being a loyal member of the Big East to a Big 12 school over the course of a weekend, perhaps.)

“If an institution wishes to depart the conference, that’s their prerogative,” Neinas said.  “But I’m not very happy about the way Missouri handled it… I don’t think Missouri is going to get any sportsmanship awards from the Big 12 Conference this year.”

According to Neinas, MU chancellor Brady Deaton “basically reaffirmed” Missouri would have “a long-standing commitment to the Big 12 conference” on September 22nd.

Neinas also said that he tried to get all six BCS conference commissioners to meet and put a moratorium on further expansion before Missouri was officially welcomed into the SEC.  In his words, SEC commissioner Mike Slive said his league “could probably work” with 13 teams in 2012.  But Missouri had no interest in reversing field.

“The ball was in Missouri’s court and they said, ‘No thanks.’”

What’s frustrating in all of this is the childishness involved.   The Big 12 has grabbed two schools from the Big East with no bit of worry for what its actions might do to that league.  Over the past two years, schools have been “loyal” to a league one minute and gone the next.  Missouri’s case is nothing new.

The Big 12 is simply trying to bleed MU for as much money as possible in terms of an exit fee.  This is all just posturing.  Right down to Neinas’ mention of the word, “lawsuit.”

Neinas wants to see the 45-page document that Missouri officials used to help determine whether to move to the SEC or not.  The Associated Press got a copy of the report and posted excerpts a month ago.  But Mizzou won’t show the full document to Neinas.

“I believe it’s very difficult to go to court and not see the other side’s brief,” Neinas harrumphed.

Perhaps if the adults in the Big 12 and SEC and Big East could start acting like adults — especially since the Big 12 knows WVU will slide right into Missouri’s old slot next summer — we could get our football season back for good.

But don’t get your hopes up.  WVU’s athletic director Oliver Luck is tossing spitballs back at the Big East on his way out the door.  “We were fortunate to get out.  We got out when the ship was seriously going down.  I mean, only the tip of the sail was showing.”

Did I say adults?  Clearly that was just wishful thinking on my part.



But John, the adults ARE acting like adults. Greedy, self-absorbed, egotistical adults.

The "winners" are raking in mega-billion dollar deals and "expanding" their organizations to rake in even more. The "losers" are whining while putting together their own multi-billion dollar deals to try and keep pace.


What will be interesting to watch is will the Big East lose it's automatic BCS bid or not - will ESPN back the league with tv money to keep its bid so the network won't get sued & exposed itself for having a hand in dismantling that conference.


Lol. No one is a loyal member of the Big 12, Chuck. They all would bolt for greener more stable pastures if given the oppotunity. Even WVU and TCU.


The Big 12 was WVU's third choice. The Big 12/WVU arrangement is like a joint, last-minute mercy date to the prom.


Yep. Last taxi at the prom. Jump in. I don't think they even get a full slice of the Bevo pie for a few years. The SEC picked the schools they wanted and they will MMbe full members. The difference is TAMU & MIZZOU are given respect from the start. WVU and TCU are told they have to be loyal for a few years to be a full member of a disloyal conference.


It's been reported WVU and TCU will not share full revenue form Big 12 for several years.


"The Big 12 Conference Board of Directors have voted unanimously to accept West Virginia University as a full conference member effective July 1, 2012"

"The Big 12 Conference Board of Directors voted unanimously to accept TCU as a full conference member competing in all sports, effective July 1, 2012."

- google


Everything that Chuck "Wiener" Neinas says is categorically false.

Is that too childish? I'm leaning towards no.


Neinas has a lot of nerve to accuse anyone of showing poor sportsmanship. He's demonstrated less integrity than a used car dealer.


Like you say, everything right now is negotating and plotting to get more $$$$. Every quote is reviewed by the lawyers before being issued. Hence, WVU's athletic director's remarks ... which mirror the rationale for WVU's lawsuit to exit (the Big East was falling apart and the league violated its duty to member schools.

As long as lawyers and lawsuits are involved, adult behavior is not possible. Go Mizzou and go SEC.


Neinas and the Big12 does not want this in court. I assume that Mizzou's Brady Deaton while head of the Big12-president's committee was privy to information regarding OU,OSU,Texas & Tech's flirtation with the PAC12. He had to see that the remaing schools were being left-out if a deal was possible. This is an attempt to strong-arm money, but if A&M's president is to be believed he stated last year that when the league asked everyone committ, Mizzou & Nebraska would not. This is apparently in the record.

BTW--We expect Texas to get the Sportman of the year award in the Big12 every year.


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