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Weis Disappointed In UF’s Offense; Danielson Says Muschamp’s Got Little Talent To Work With

Mired in a four-game losing streak — the program’s longest since 1988 — folks in Florida are wondering who to blame.  On Halloween, Mike Bianchi of The Orlando Sentinel — a provocateur on par with Woody Woodpecker — asked Gator fans to blame Urban Meyer, Will Muschamp or Charlie Weis for UF’s many offensive woes.  (The fans who voted saddled the ex-Gator head coach with the blame.)

In Weis’ case, the offensive coordinator was realistic about his team’s chances against Alabama and LSU… it’s the last two games against Auburn and Georgia that have bothered him most:

“I thought the rest of that Alabama game (without an injured John Brantley in the second half) was going to be a bit of a struggle.  And going into LSU I thought that would be a bit of a struggle, especially when young Jacoby (Brissett) was dialed up after he hadn’t had a snap, I thought that would have been a bit of a struggle. … I’m probably most disappointed that in the last two weeks, we didn’t make enough plays on offense to win the last two games.

I think that’s probably my biggest disappointment.  They were two games that you can’t say were mismatched opponents.  That’s the thing I’m discouraged about the most.”

Should he be disappointed?  It doesn’t sound like Gary Danielson believes so.  The CBS analyst just doesn’t think the Florida’s staff or its head coach has a whole heckuva lot of talent at their disposal:

“I believe Will Muschamp is doing about as good as he can.  To me, I really think Will Muschamp has a butter knife, basically a dull butter knife of talent in a league that everybody else has steak and you need a steak knife to win in this league.  He has no chance.  He does not have a team put together to compete at the highest level at this league, especially with an injured quarterback.”

Somewhere, Meyer is muttering, “But they’re loaded, I tells ya.” 


Vol Guest
Vol Guest

I have a hard time understanding how someone can say Florida doesn't have talent when they consistently have very highly-rated recruiting classes. I'm not saying he's wrong, but would like for someone who might have some insight shed some light on this.


We have no run blocking against a good defensive line and our pass blocking is average to below average. Brantley can make it work OK to win some games, but he is injured. We are in real need of an everydown back, and not athletes that play running back. We have gotten some highly recruited position players that have not worked out. I also think Muschamp is cleaning house. Muschamp was a walk on player and I suspect feels playing for the University of Florida is a privilege. We keep having players leave and I'm hoping these are players that could not get with the program. In the past a player would screw up time and time again, but they would almost always be welcome back. I get the feeling Muschamp will give a second chance, but if a player has attitude and does not get it he points to the door. I feel he is rebuilding the culture from the ground up, I hope doing it the right way actual works.


Urban Meyers sure got out of UF at the right time. Knew his team was going to be garbage and "retired."


I hope that CBS can put a muzzle on Danielson this weekend. I am looking forward to LSU v Bama and don't care to listen to a commenator who's remarks are as off based as his usually are. I'm sure my mute buton will get a workout.


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