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Richt’s Wife Says He’s Uber-Competitive

When Mark Richt first arrived at Georgia and immediately began competing for SEC championships, no one seemed to mind the fact that his sideline demeanor could best be described as a cross between stoic and dead.

But as the Bulldogs struggled the past two seasons, Richt’s often emotionless looks were taken by frustrated fans as a sign that their coach didn’t mind losing as much as they minded losing.  Well Richt’s wife, Katharyn, says that’s not even close to being true:

“He competes at everything, even a backyard basketball game, even a family volleyball game.  He kicked me out of our family volleyball games this summer.  It was because I always cut up and I’m all about having fun and making sure everybody’s having a good time and getting along.  He’s all about winning.  So he said I couldn’t play.  So, yes, it does affect him when he loses games.”

Chip Towers of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has more on how the Richts survived a trying season right here.




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