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Report: Missouri To The SEC Early Next Week

The Sporting News reported Saturday evening that “a high-placed SEC source” told the media outlet that Missouri “will be officially announced as the SEC’s 14th team early next week.”

A source also told The Sporting News that Missouri will indeed be placed in the SEC East “to avoid any potential scheduling conflicts with longstanding conference rivalries.”

We wrote on October 21st that Mizzou-to-the-East was the most likely option in our view.  We had been told by multiple SEC sources that the goal was to add Texas A&M and Missouri with as little fuss as possible.  As we explained in this piece, placing Missouri in the East is the path of least resistance as it will allow all of the SEC’s most-played rivalries to roll right along uninterrupted.

According to The Sporting News, there were “numerous reasons” to go slow with a Missouri announcement including the school’s Big 12 exit negotiations and the league’s desire to keep the media focus on LSU-Alabama.  (As we wrote earlier this week, Missouri has been taking a lot of blame from SEC fans for delaying matters, when in fact the Big 12 and the SEC share in the blame for the slowdown, too.)

Mike Slive said Saturday that the SEC will “look into” reworking its television contracts with CBS and ESPN (of course).  “Industry sources” say the SEC is looking at creating a separate television network for its lower-tier non-conference games, too.  (Between May 19, 2010 and September 20th, 2011, we discussed the possibility of an SEC Network on several occasions.  So when you see another site claim in the days ahead that it broke the idea of an SEC Network — and you will — just remember where you saw that possibility first discussed.)

Bottom line — it once again appears that we’re mere hours away from an official announcement on Missouri’s move to the SEC.  But we’ve all been to this point before, haven’t we?


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