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Mullen Says MSU’s Closer to Bama Than You Might Think

In his first game against Alabama, the Crimson Tide trounced Mississippi State 31-3 in Starkville.  In his second matchup with Bama, the Bulldogs were crushed 30-10 in Tuscaloosa.

But Dan Mullen believes those games were closer than they might appear:

“Two years ago we dropped three passes that would have been touchdowns.  I think last year we had four dropped passes.  We moved the ball OK, but we gave up three 40- or 50-plus yard touchdowns last year.  You take those three touchdowns away and it is a 10-10 ballgame.”

Here’s another quote that might apply in this situation: “If ifs and buts were candy and nuts we’d all have a merry Christmas.”



I bleed maroon and white but I am with John on this one. Get over was funny.

Gene Barnett
Gene Barnett

Here's a comment that applies to you: "Fat and Stupid is no way to go through life." What's he supposed to tell his team?!? "Hey! we're trending up! we should be able to close to 29-17 this year!!!"

If you don't like MSU, don't report on them and stop calling yourself Mr. SEC! Otherwise, report the facts and leave the smartaleck commentary off...


Gene Barnett...

What a pathetic nitwit. So someone who covers MSU just like all the other schools in the league makes a tongue-in-cheek comment about your team and you go into a rage?

If you're that sensitive about your favesy-wavesy team, you might just need to get a life. So go read a book. Take a long walk.

Or try to find yourself a sense of humor.


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