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Mullen Sad “Any Time You See A Coach” Lose His Job

In his three years at Mississippi State, Dan Mullen has thrown more than his fair share of digs, slights and barbs at Ole Miss and Houston Nutt.

When asked about Nutt’s dismissal in Oxford, Mullen didn’t specifically address the downfall of his chief in-state rival:

“That’s always a shame in this profession.  When you live in this (coaching) world, you have a very different perspective of how that affects, not just the head coach, but an awful lot of assistant coaches, their families and their livelihoods of how hard that can be on a family.  A lot of times people get caught up in what it is and sometimes it’s just a game, other times it’s more than a game to people in the coaching profession.  This is hard on our family’s lives.  I commit so much time away from my family.  It’s not something we take very lightly, so any time you see a coach potentially lose a job, it’s a sad day.”

Mullen also stated that he doesn’t think Ole Miss will be any more fired up for this year’s Egg Bowl than they have been the past two years (both MSU wins).




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