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LSU- Alabama & The Rematch Option

Thom Abraham

I have continually maintained that I am not a big “Rematch” guy when it comes to the National Championship Game. After LSU’s overtime victory over Alabama Saturday night, the scenario that the voters are going to be left with is this:

    1. Did anything other than “who has the better kicker” get decided in Tuscaloosa?
    2. In a game that features so much great defense, the college overtime system is decidedly unfair, in as much as it does what the teams were unable to do the entire game – get into the Red Zone.

In the case of Alabama, who kept the Bengal Tiger Offense at bay all night, the system put the ball on the 25 yard line, basically assuring LSU of an opportunity to kick a field goal. Of course, Alabama had that same opportunity, but they had already established they had no one on the team, nor in a fraternity house, who could make a kick.

The reason I don’t like a playoff is in this contrived BCS system, the proponents continually tell us that the beauty lies in the fact that the ENTIRE SEASON becomes a playoff.  Well, you can’t have it both ways!

Do I think those are the 2 best teams in the country?  No question!  Would they meet again if a playoff were in place?  Probably…but without out one, I don’t think you can just tell LSU, now do it again!

In reality, with the Tide only falling to 3rd in the BCS, it could happen.  In the end, Alabama made way too many mistakes to win that game, and seemed on the brink of breaking it open several times…but no one ever came up with a play to finish a drive.  And if Daniel Moore would like to take some money from the Bayou faithful, he ought to be doing a painting of Reed’s play against Williams and call it “The Theft”.

The final nail in Alabama’s temporary coffin was when Jim McElwain decided to put the overtime in the hands of AJ McCarron instead of Trent Richardson. That was a panic move that may have cost the Tide a shot at #14.

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