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Leach Says He’s Not Been Contacted By Ole Miss

Among fans, he’s probably the most popular coaching prospect in the country.  But when it comes to administrators, boards and presidents who actually hire football coaches… not so much.

Mike Leach — whose name has been kicked around as a possible replacement for Houston Nutt by everyone including Houston Nutt — sounded a bit disappointed this afternoon when Oxford radio host Erik Ryan Solberg asked him on WUMS-FM if he’d been contacted by Ole Miss officials:

“I wouldn’t tell ya if I had… but I haven’t.”

A hint of frustration could be detected as he uttered those last three words.

Leach once again reiterated that “Ole Miss is a job that I think anyone would have an interest in” and that “all SEC jobs are good and they’re all exciting.”

Looking at Leach’s success at Texas Tech — 10 bowls in 10 years, good graduation rates, etc — there are only two possible reasons the man with the explosive offense hasn’t been snapped up by a program hungry for success:

1.  His mercurial nature

2.  His lawsuit against the most powerful entity in sports, ESPN

Perhaps Archie Manning and crew will pick up a phone and chat with Leach at some point in the coming weeks.  But since he’s already out of work and free to talk, if someone was going to contact him from Oxford, they’d have likely done so by now.



He said the same thing yesterday about the open Tulane job, all of that "Great job!" mumbo jumbo. The dude just wants to work and will take any job thrown at him.


I think it's absolutely #2.

Nobody cares about his mercurial nature if he's getting double digit wins and going to bowl games. But ESPN's reach is SO deep into college football, there is no doubt the lawsuit is causing a lot of schools to have second thoughts.


I think it's absolutely #1.

People who have something to lose, do care about his "mercurial nature." We ignore stuff like this as college football fans, but it doesn't work that way in the real world. I'm not saying that it's right or wrong, but just that it's how it works.

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