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Houston Nutt Rumors

1. SB Nation report: “The Rebel head coach was informed that he would not be retained beyond the Egg Bowl and will, perhaps, be dismissed as early as Monday.”

2. Parrish Alford: “There’s no confirmation that Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt has been fired.”

3. Here’s what Nutt had to say last night after the game when asked if he would be back next year. “I don’t know. I don’t know. That’s not for me to decide. I’d like to be. I plan on being. But that’s not for me to decide.”

4. Ron Higgins: “(I)t’s time to write the check for Nutt’s $6 million buyout, say “next” and move on.”

UPDATE: Nutt hasn’t talked to school about job status.


Hubert Mcbroom
Hubert Mcbroom

If Shepard Smith has heard anything you can bet he won,t get the facts correct when he reports it.


I am NOT SURPRISED at this.......

I wonder what SHEPARD SMITH THINKS from FOX NEWS, if he has heard the rumor ?


so long dale

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