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Happy Thanksgiving Headlines, 2011

Before we rush to meet family and gobble down some turkey, we want to catch you up on some headlines from across the league.

But before we start the headlines, we want to extend our thanks to you for reading and supporting  Your loyalty is very much appreciated.

May all of you have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!


1.  The NCAA’s scholarship reforms could change the way schools recruit.

2.  Alabama’s Trent Richardson has done well on the road this year… and a trip to Auburn is up next.

3.  Auburn is getting healthier as the Iron Bowl nears.

4.  Prepping for #1 LSU and reeling from the death of teammate Garrett Uekman, Bobby Petrino has kept his team away from the media this week.

5.  Tomorrow’s game will be one of the most important in Razorback history.

6.  LSU is in position to “bail out the BCS.”

7.  MSU’s Chad Bumphis is fired up for the Egg Bowl.

8.  The Ole Miss defense has been run ragged this season.

9.  John Brantley’s ankle has healed to the point that he’ll now be able to go under center when Florida faces Florida State.

10.  Auburn, Florida and Georgia Tech… with a win against the Yellow Jackets, Georgia can sweep its oldest rivals.

11.  There’s no official word on whether or not Isaiah Crowell will play Saturday.

12.  Kentucky’s quarterbacks aren’t 100% healthy with Tennessee up next.

13.  We were asked last night on Lexington radio about recent rumors that Joker Phillips won’t be back next year.  We don’t believe there’s anything to them… just like the Mark Richt resignation rumors from earlier this week.  These guys aren’t buying the Phillips talk, either.

14.  Should the South Carolina-Clemson rivalry move to Thanksgiving?

15.  Tennessee will look to correct red zone errors against Kentucky on Saturday.

16.  Depending on who’s eligible, Vanderbilt (or Mississippi State or Tennessee) could land in the Music City Bowl.







Increased academic standards may have a bigger impact on the SEC than other conferences but I think it's a good idea. Some of these athletes don't belong in college. I think athletes playing for their university should be representitive of the student body rather than gladiators.

FSU got in trouble recently for tutors giving athletes answers for online tests. I'm not naive enough to think that isn't happening at other schools. I've heard students who try to tutor athletes describe it as hopeless.

Athletes who belong in college might not get arrested as much as UF players do.


The only real problem I have with the academic standards is that it punishes the teams who have players that go to play pro sports. I don't understand why if someone leaves school of their own volition why that should impact the team's ratings?

Just so u know
Just so u know

You cannot pay attention to It is ran by a 100 percent basketball fan that hates the football team. He will do anything to keep the basketball news at the front of the news.

Matt Jones is his name, do not post him on here. Not a very reputable guy.


I am curious what you think the impact of the raised academic standards will be?
It seems to me that the more economically depressed areas of the country Mississippi/Kansas will be hurt by this.
I am all for a higher standard, but for many kids the only way out of their situation is through sports and that could be taken from them. Who really wins here?


Just so u know...

In this case, he arrived at the same conclusion I did after I made some calls to Lexington. I've talked to numerous people in the Commonwealth -- mostly media members and UK officials -- who don't share your views about Also, I've done some radio with their guys and they seemed fine to me.

Thanks for reading the site,


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