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Egg Bowl Preview? Mullen, Fedora Trade Barbs

As noted earlier today, Larry Fedora is figuring prominently in Ole Miss’ search for a new head coach.  He’ll likely win a few Rebel fans to his corner with a barb he tossed toward Mississippi State’s Dan Mullen… a coach who has tossed his own barbs at UM for three years.

After Saturday’s Egg Bowl win, Mullen said:

“Hopefully the kids in the state of Mississippi understand this is the place to come to win championships.”

Said the man who’d just finished up a 6-6 regular season.  While Mullen dart was clearly aimed at Ole Miss, Fedora — who is at Southern Miss — took notice.  And it just so happens his team is 10-2 on the season and is heading into a C-USA title game with Houston this weekend.  His reply to Mullen’s boast:

“We’re proud of the fact that all the great players from the state of Mississippi on this team have an opportunity to actually play for a championship.”


If you thought Mullen would allow Fedora to have the final word, however, you don’t know Mullen.  Told of USM’s coach’s comments, MSU’s coach said:

“It’s neat for them that they get to play in that championship game, obviously it’s not the Southeastern Conference.”

There’s a slim chance that Mullen and Fedora could meet up in the Liberty Bowl this season if the Music City Bowl passes on State, if USM loses to Houston, and if the two in-state schools agree to meet in Memphis.

Perhaps our best hope of seeing this two go head-to-head is for Mullen to stay put in Starkville and for Fedora to land the job in Oxford.  First man to an actual SEC championship wins.


Old Timer
Old Timer

Fedora is the best coach in the state and had the best team in the state this year. Impressive win over Houston. He could be named the new coach at Ole Miss as early as Monday and then start the domination of State after a couple of years of rebuilding. Mullen would be wise to go to Penn State, or anywhere else, before his stock bottoms out, if it hasn't already.


Looks like Mullen and Fedora can both get beat by Houston.


Looks like Mullen is on top of the short list for the Penn State job. If Mullel leaves State, that would be a big setback for the Bulldogs.


Love the comment fro Our_STATE_Bulldog. What is said and done between fans, players, and coaches in the in-state rival is about the fun of the rival. The marketing that Mullen has done to bring this attention to MY school (State) is great. I think that is what chaps the bearebles from TSUN the most. Sure UM has the all time record in the in-state game. However ALL TIME got you nothing for the past three years. It got you nothing Saturday night. To be honest State could have scored 50 points are more. But didn't. We passed a total of THREE times the whole 2nd half. So think twice about the charater of Mullen. We could definatly RUN the score way up but didnt. So all us alumni, fans, and the one that are bearebel fans when they are winning can talk all that we want. Thats what makes college football fun. The past is the past and does nothing for what happen THIS year, or last year. Keep blaming it on the coach that you claimed was the greatest three years ago. Just enjoy the fun of the game.


Finally, someone who can take a good natured ribbing and not get all offended. As a MS State fan, I've lived with the ups and downs through out the years. Glad my Dogs have been on top for 3 in a row, but I have endured it all at the hands of plenty Ole Miss and the occaisonal Golden Eagle fan. Being able to "spin" or good naturedly rib your in state rivals makes it all that more fun. Fedora is a good coach and sounds like a good guy who can take and give. He'd probably do well at Ole Miss.

I can't begin to tell you how many of my Ole Miss friends on FB were so chapped by the score and Mullens comments. It's entertainment, gamesmanship, showmanship........ FUN. You people remember fun, right? Sheesh..... It's a game people, get over yourselves. I remember all the yuk yuks from the 2008 Egg Bowl, didn't bother me. Time you rebels..... er... Bears, stopped taking yourselves so seriously and put down the Better-than-Thou koolaide.

Old Timer
Old Timer

Mullen wasn't even born the last time that State won a conference title in football. It's possible that there aren't any players still alive off of State's championship team (1941). Tulane has won more SEC football championships than State and more recently, too. The best bet for State to compete for conference titles would be for them to join the Sunbelt Conference. They know that it is just a matter of time before we return to dominance in the Egg Bowl series and return State to it's rightful position of last place in the SEC West. No matter what kind of spin Mullen tries to put on that program, they will always be . . . . . . .State.


USM 49-Houston 28 ain't gettin beat


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