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1. Expansion By The Numbers 10: The Big Finish. (You can read Expansion By The Numbers 1 through 9 on our Blue Chip Stories page.)

2. Big 12′s Big Announcements

3. Mizzou Set To Explore Conference Options

4. The Merry-Go-Round Continues To Spin 

5. “When You Gotta Go”…


Nittany in Ktown
Nittany in Ktown

Liked the research you put into the expansion series. Can you do a series on why Slive is considered a genius by SEC fans? While the football product is ridiculously strong, how did he influence that as a commish? Rather than starting a SEC Network (easy carriage in the southeast given SEC fan passion), he signed a 20 year contract with ESPN which was pretty pedistrian after 5 years....then he bragged about getting to 16 in 15 minutes, and can't come close to that....much less landing a big fish like FSU or Oklahoma.....I can't say he's done a bad job, just see nothing which qualifies him for "genius" commisioner status.


Fair points.

I have to wonder about his "16 in 15 minutes" statement. Either he knows about a lot of things going on behind the scenes that have not yet come to fruition or he was just bragging for the heck of it. Technically, he could get to 16 that quickly if he invited a bunch of non AQs and other teams in minor conferences, but it does not appear that he could simply land anyone he wanted.

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