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SEC Commitment Comparison – 10/27/11

National signing day is 14 weeks from yesterday… do you know where your blue chip commitments are?

As we move from October into November, we thought it would be a good time to check out the commitment hauls for each school in the SEC.  And, yes, since the Aggies will be playing in the SEC next season, we’ve included Texas A&M in this comparison.  In fact, we included Missouri, too, as they’re still trying to angle their way out of the Big 12 in time for the 2012 season.

As always, we’re using the star-rankings provided by Rivals.  For each star a recruit has been given, we assign a single point.  We also give a point to 0-star recruits who’ve yet to be graded by Rivals.  (And usually, if a player hasn’t been graded by now, he’s not going to get much more than one or two stars anyway.)

Below you’ll see two lists.  The first ranks the schools by the total number of commitment points received so far.  This gives you a ballpark idea of what kind of talent overall a school has lined up for itself.

The second list will rank the SEC schools (including A&M and Mizzou) based on the average number of points per commitment.  This gives you an idea of what kind of athlete the school appeals to.  At least for the moment.

Here goes…

Schools Ranked By Overall Points

School Commits 5-stars 4-stars 3-stars 2-stars 1- & 0-stars Total Points
Texas A&M 24 0 8 16 0 0 80
LSU 20 0 10 9 1 0 69
Alabama 19 0 9 10 0 0 66
S. Carolina 20 0 6 13 1 0 65
Florida 17 1 11 4 1 0 63
Tennessee 18 0 9 7 2 0 61
Arkansas 19 0 1 17 0 1 56
Kentucky 22 0 1 12 7 2 56
Auburn 15 0 10 5 0 0 55
Miss. State 20 0 1 13 5 1 54
Vanderbilt 17 0 3 13 1 0 53
Georgia 15 1 2 11 1 0 48
Missouri 15 0 2 13 0 0 47
Ole Miss 12 0 2 9 0 1 36

Schools Ranked By Average Points Per Player

School Pts Per Player
Florida 3.70
Auburn 3.66
Alabama 3.47
LSU 3.45
Tennessee 3.38
Texas A&M 3.33
S. Carolina 3.25
Georgia 3.20
Missouri 3.13
Vanderbilt 3.11
Ole Miss 3.00
Arkansas 2.94
Miss. State 2.70
Kentucky 2.54

Finally, let’s take a look at those recruits who might be viewed as “difference-makers,” the 4- and 5-star kids only.  Here’s a look at which schools have netted the most difference-makers so far…

Schools Ranked By 4- And 5-Star Players Only

School 4- & 5-stars
Florida 12
Auburn 10
LSU 10
Alabama 9
Tennessee 9
Texas A&M 8
S. Carolina 6
Georgia 3
Vanderbilt 3
Missouri 2
Ole Miss 2
Arkansas 1
Miss. State 1
Kentucky 1


* Some Florida fans worried when Will Muschamp’s first signing class failed to measure up in sheer numbers with some of the stellar classes brought in by Urban Meyer.  We see now that Muschamp and his crew will have little problem inking top-tier talent (3.70 points-per-player average is best in the league) and plenty of it.

* Alabama, Auburn and LSU continue to do what they do… and that’s ink Top 10 signing classes year-in and year-out.  Joining them this year might be Tennessee.  Derek Dooley has Tennessee trailing on Florida, Auburn and LSU in terms of 4- and 5-star commitments.

* Texas A&M falls in line at #6 in terms of difference-makers and points-per-player average.  But the Aggies have most their class already put to bed.  With 14 weeks to go, no program has gathered commitments from more players — and good players — than Texas A&M.  Their Lone Star State recruiting base should certainly be an advantage.

* You have to wonder how long A&M will have to be in the SEC before Arkansas, LSU and other start to see a bounce in their own Texas recruiting.

* How about the job James Franklin continues to do at Vanderbilt?  The Commodores have commitments from three 4-star players and their points-per-player average is over 3.00.  That’s a real rarity for the Dores.  And by leading VU to four wins already — most of us expected a 2-10 campaign from Vandy — Franklin is giving recruits even more reason to believe that he can do some special things in Nashville… with their help.

* Mark Richt’s “Dream Team” class is now ancient history.  The Dawgs — saddled with doubt over Richt’s future — haven’t yet come close to their usually stellar commitment numbers.  For those UGA fans who’ve already opened fire on Richt, the looks of this recruiting class is just giving them more ammunition.

* There will be some of you who look at Missouri’s recruiting numbers so far and say, “I told you they couldn’t compete in the SEC.”  But a word of caution: Look at Arkansas’ numbers.  Gary Pinkel has turned around the Mizzou program (12-2, 10-4, 8-5, 10-3 in the last four years) with a wide-open, spread passing game.  Pinkel’s system has had its struggles this year as an inexperienced starter has had to replace NFL early-entrant and 10th pick in the draft Blaine Gabbert.  But if his system can have success with lesser-star recruits running it — a la Petrino at Arkansas — Pinkel’s Tigers might not need to crack the Top 15 on signing day each year.  Petrino certainly hasn’t had to…

* And he once again has Arkansas toward the bottom of the pack with Mississippi State and Kentucky in terms of difference-makers and points-per-player average.  For MSU and Kentucky that’s a concern.  For the Razorbacks, it’s proven not to be an issue under Petrino.  His classes have ranked 36th, 16th, 49th, and 24th and yet he continues to win.  (In keeping with the earlier comparison, Pinkel’s last four signing classes at Missouri have ranked 25th, 40th, 21st, and 48th.)



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