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Miles Talks Up His 2-QB System (With Good Reason)

Quick.  Who’s got the top-rated passing offense in the Southeastern Conference?

If you said LSU, you’re right… and you’re probably still shocked that you said LSU.  Coming into the season, Jordan Jefferson was an unpopular starter and Jarrett Lee was an unpopular backup best known for throwing seven pick-6 interceptions as a freshman.  Zach Mettenberger was the people’s choice to quarterback the Tigers.

Good thing Les Miles didn’t listen to the people.  When Jefferson ran into legal troubles, Miles didn’t hesitate to name Lee his starter.  And then senior has responded by throwing just one interception in 132 attempts.

When the charges against Jefferson were lessened, Miles immediately reinstated him to the team and got him back onto the field.  We at wondered if the return of Jefferson might negatively impact the psyche and confidence of Lee.  So far, it hasn’t.

And Miles is a happy man as a result:

“We enjoy our quarterback situation.  We’re fortunate to have two veteran quarterbacks who have both played as starters… A diversity of attack with our quarterbacks is what we want…

It’s going to give defensive coordinators issues.”

It already has.  Readers of this site know that we’re not fond of two-quarterback systems unless the two players in question are totally different types of players.  Jefferson and Lee are.  Wisely, Steve Kragthorpe and Greg Studrawa have the quarterbacks running two different types of offense.  Jefferson handles the run-heavy, option-style attack.  Lee takes care of the pro-style system which features more passing.

Defensive coordinators studying LSU don’t just have to prepare for two quarterbacks.  They have to prepare for two offenses.

Those offenses are proving to be awfully hard to stop, too.


Larnus Lachney
Larnus Lachney

And EVERYBODY thinks this guy is wacked out????? Who's laughing now????? What agreat job that Coach Miles has done with this team and its problems earlier in the year. I don't know if they are good enough to go into Alabama and win, but one thing is for sure in my mind: Coach Miles will not be outcoached by Saban. They are both great coaches, recruiters, ambassadors of their universities and the SEC. I can't wait to see these teams play, regardless of their record.


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